New Halloween masquerade ideas?

The old standbys are getting a bit boring.

Would Spiderman or Batman work well at a Halloween party?

Tell us your ideas.

Sure. Especially if more than one of each showed up. :slight_smile:

Not my evil twin! :smiley:

Being a recent fan of Neil Gaiman’s series The Sandman, I’d love to see some folks dressed up as Morpheus, Death, Destiny, Desire or Delirium.

Hmm. Dressing up as Merv Pumpkinhead from that series would be appropriate for Halloween.

You can go the cheap route and go as a Saints fan. Just wear a bag over your head. :smiley:

Remember, keep it scary folks. This is Halloween not Mardi Gras.
How 'bout zombie Republican Guard? That’s a bit on the humorous side but that’s okay too.

She goes as a giant squeeze bottle of mustard; he goes as a giant squeeze bootle of ketchup, here. What could be scarier?

And don’t forget that Spiderman costume for your dog.

I don’t have to dress up scary. I am scary. :smiley:

Seriously, the problem is the supposedly scary characters have all been done to death, even masked mass murders like Jason and that guy in Scream.

I don’t have the skill to do the make up of a realistic zombie. Mummy is a possibility, although with all those loose bandages it’s not exactly a smart idea.

That’s why I am asking for ideas, Dopers :slight_smile:

Since I’m a smartass, I’d go as two characters from The Phantom of the Opera singing the song Masquerade. But that’s just me.

OK…but NOBODY gets to use this idea in Las Vegas…I am doing it for the party at work!

Get the biggest stuffed toy tiger you can find.

Strap it to your neck with lots and lots of fake blood.

DMark you’re gonna get your ass kicked for wearing that costume. You KNOW that don’t you? It’s in horribly bad taste, but what the hell, I’ve seen a person show up at Halloween as OJ’s bloody glove shrugs

Hope you don’t run into any serious Siegfried and Roy fans.


Dress up as a devil, but add earmuffs, mittens, snowboots, and a scarf. Carry a styrofoam “snowball” to throw. Shiver a lot.

It’s not that cold here :|.

Go as a brick layer along with your significant other, dressed as a brick.

Hey! That’s kind of my idea. I’ve got some white horns and some Ice FX makeup that crystallizes when it dries. I’m going as an Ice Demon(ess), as though hell has frozen over :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not bad.

And it’s getting cooler here.

Email consultations with Mr. Amanita have led to our costume decision which is:

Mr. and Mrs. Conan the Governor.

Mr. Amanita will be wearing a loincloth, tie, and jacket (no shirt), with Viking horned helmet and sword. I will be wearing a tailored suit skirt, probably pink, with a bodice over it in order to look wenchy, plus a pink pillbox hat with attached Viking horns. I’m not sure if I’m going to carry a weapon, or just wear white gloves and wave a lot.

Will you be carrying a baseball?

My favorite costume to date has been the 6’2" beautiful gay boys cross dressed as hooter’s waitresses.

The chick in a sparkly red dress with red horns & triton is so overdone. I wish that costume idea would take a one way trip to the bottom of the sea.

One idea I would like to see is someone dressed as a wooden horse with Matrix like characters printed all over the horse, and a trap door that opened at the front. Inside You’d have a guy or gal with a pocket protector & slide rule who would open the trap door and hand out little baggies of Jalapeno flavored Jelly Bellies.

Be ware of Geeks bearing gifts.

man, I would love that.

A friend of mine told me about a couple who went to her parents Halloween party dressed in regular clothes. He was wearing a suit and she was wearing a dress. Anyhoo, the hostess opened the door to let them in and got all pissed off because they didn’t dress up for her party. The couple said nothing but went in, got their drinks and mingled. Everybody was hysterical because when they turned around you could see that they had cut their clothes completely off from behind. They are still talking about that one in Wenatchee!:smiley: