New Hard Drive. What to do?

I just bought a new 40gb hard drive(7200rpm)and plan on adding it to my system which now has a 4gb and a 8gb(5400rpm). My question is where do you guys think I should place this drive.(Primary or secondary) I plan on keeping the 8gb drive and giving the 4gb away. Should I place my OS on the 40 or the 8. The main reason for the 40gb is for Video and Mp3.
Thanks for your help,

Well, the new drive will be considerably faster, so you should have the OS and system stuff on there. What you might want to do is partition the big drive into two…say 8GB and 32GB, or 4 and 36. Then install the OS and any major things on the first partition. It’s a good time to do a fresh install, but if your system is running top notch, see if you can get a utility to clone the current system drive to the 40GB drive.


Well, I won’t ask if its a PC or a Mac, but most PC computers can take 4 HDs. You need to decide how large a partition you want on that 40 gig. What operating system do you have? Some won’t support large partitions.

Id probably just format it & reinstall whatever operating system you have & add the programs from there. Then keep the old HDs for backup in or out of the machine.

It sounds like you might have an older computer that is going to have a problem with drives over 8G. The hard drive company will have software to get around that. Is the 40G hard drive IDE interface ATA66 or ATA100? I would by an ATA100 interface card. The card would also break the 8G limits of the bios, without the interfacing software. The cards are PCI and you can boot from them by setting the Bios to boot from SCSI first. Added benifit is the other on board IDE interfaces will still work also. Remember that fot the faster ATA66 and ATA100 speeds you need to use an 80 wire IDE cable. Run the operating system on the 40G drive. Don’t put one of the old drives on the same cable as the 40G, if you go with the 100ATA interface card.