New Harry Potter movie, how young is too young?

Don’t know how this will go but lets see. I believe that the newest Harry Potter movie is PG13. My 8 year old daughter has seen all the other movies and wants to see this one. Is it too scary or intense for a barely 8 year old? Should I wait for the DVD so she can hide under a pillow during the scary parts?

The movie is pretty dark overall, but I didn’t think it was particularly scary. If your daughter understands HP, she should be OK.

Well she watches Angel and Buffy and has no problems with it.

Then she’ll be fine. I think the freakiest thing in it is the Dementors heads and episodes of Buffy/Angel have had worse.

I wonder am I forgetting something though…

I’m pretty far removed from 8, so I forget what kids find scary, but there is not much violence of note, and all the deaths are non-messy. Have you (or her) read the book?

A dementor goes BOOOO in the first five minutes, after that it’s fairly tame. Voldemort is sinister, but not wet-the-bed scary. Well, I only wet the bed a little.

I thought this one was tamer than movie 3 or 4. My nine year old son loved it, as did his friends (we all went together).

The 2 year olds I saw at that matinee weren’t real pleased… :rolleyes:

She’ll be fine.

Hush still scares me, even though I know what’s about to float by that window…

She looovvvves Angel. We haven’t gone through most of Buffy yet.

No. It’s beyond her reading level so far. Maybe by the end of the next grade but probably not. She is very advanced verbally and has an amazing vocabulary but is just in the normal range for reading (going into 2nd grade this coming year).

I concur that the movie is going to be fine for a fan of Angel. That was actually the most useful piece of information in your OP, thank you very much for including it. It lets me know what you’re comfortable with her watching, and what *type *of violence (supernatural fantasy) she’s okay with. Yeah, nothing in the movie is more intense or frightening or more difficult to deal with conceptually than some of the bleaker darker episodes of Angel. It might be a little more heartpounding because it’s so BIG, but I don’t think she’ll be scared too much.

The books, after the first two, I wouldn’t go into yet. The first two are pretty standard children’s fantasy, but after that they get progressively more difficult, both in terms of vocabulary and concept. Actually, the character’s ages in the books are not a bad guideline for when kids will be ready to read them. Or maybe character age minus a year. Most 10 year olds can handle the first book on their own - in that one, Harry’s 11. If you’re reading them aloud to her, then maybe you can shave another year off, since you can stop and explain anything that seems to disturb her.

The last three (four?) books are just simply not appropriate for kids under 12 or so, IMHO. A lot of their disturbing bits are left out of the movies so far. Even the Umbridge character in the most recent movie was far more disturbing in the book - in the movie she gets a nice clean comeuppance, and is mostly a clown martinet. In the book, she’s truly terrifying.

The one thing I am concerned with is if the movie experience would make it too intense for her as opposed to seeing it on DVD. I’ll talk it out with her and see what she says.

I do agree that watching a movie in the theater is a more intese experience, especially for a child. We took our seven year old to it and she was fine. She thouroughly enjoyed the movie. She has watched the previous four and has read the first book. This movie really wasn’t as scary or intense as the fourth movie.

Umbridge was a bit dumbed down :frowning: She was good, but almost a characature of the Umbridge from the book.

From what you’ve told us, I think your daughter would be fine. She can cover her eyes here and there if she has to; nothing too prolonged and scary. The Dementors are a bit more, um, fully revealed, which I agree is probably the scariest part (right at the beginning).

New Harry Potter movie, how young is too young?

And I thought this was going to be a thread about Emma Watson… :smack:

Maybe in terms of graphic violence, so the answer to the question is probably in the affirmative. But as a hijack I found it much much darker than any of the previous ones, both in tone and in lighting.

I’m sure your daughter already has ordinary childhood fears. Harry Potter movies, all of them, like most fairy tales, assure children that their fears can be confronted and conquered. I’ve seen nothing in the Harry Potter movies that comes close to the terrifying Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.

There is blood, though; there’s a shot of Luna Lovegood with blood on her face during the fight with the Death Eaters, and there is a bit of blood on the back of Harry’s hand during the detention scene with Umbridge.

I assume if she was fine with Buffy and Angel then a little blood wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s not much.

Thanks for the answers. If my other daughter’s tummy is feeling OK we are going to go tomorrow.

Thanks everyone. We went yesterday. She wasn’t scared at all and had a good time. She was upset about Cedric in the last movie but didn’t bat an eye about Sirius. I guess that serves as a critique of the movie. Not as good as the last one but very enjoyable.