New Home, but why is my floor...

…why is the vinyl floor in my master bathroom turning yellow? And why have the following products done nothing to help?:

standard vinyl floor cleaners
heavy duty vinyl floor cleaners
industrial strength floor cleaner
Clorox Clean-up

The yellow is random. It’s not “yellowy” from floor wax build-up by any means. It a definite yellow. No one’s peeing on it either :slight_smile:

I might wind up at every vinyl floor mfgr’s website just to see canned FAQ sections. Dopers, I need your help.

(The Realtor representing the builder said, “That’s what happens when you buy cheap floors.” Mind you, they are ‘upgraded’ and vinyl flooring isn’t that cheap.)


I’m guessing that the vinyl is right on top of the slab? Then one of two reasons:

  1. The builder didn’t seal the concrete slab correctly (or laid the tile incorrectly) and moisture from the slab (or trapped under the tiles) is discolouring it, or

  2. Wrong adhesive was used. Since it is random, I’m betting on the first.

UV also does vinyl in, but this is awfully quick.

It sounds like it might be a legit defect. Try talking to the friendly folks at a tile/flooring shop. They might have a few other things you can look for to determine if the builder may have done something wrong. Your realtor may help you; you cannot hope that the builder’s realtor is.

N.B.; I am not a lawyer, a realtor, a contractor, or a chemical engineer. You will need to talk to one or more of the people in the list of things that I am not in order to accomplish anything. I am hust another home owner, hoping everything works out okay.

Congrats on the new house, btw.

bashere,that woul dbe right. I have some in the bathroom that is doing that because water got under it.