New home, new kitchen - what's on your move-in shopping list?

My daughter just had the offer on her first house accepted. She and her husband have been living with us, and while they have some items for their pantry, mostly they’ve been using ours. I’ve googled “pantry basics” and some of the items on the list seemed a bit out there. (Agave syrup? Really?)

I thought it’d be interesting to canvas the Teeming Millions. So, you’re moving into a new place and you need to fill your spice cabinet and your pantry. Where do you start?

Salt and Pepper would be on top.
Old Bay seasoning is a great addition to lots of dishes.

Many versions of garlic would be handy.

Flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, corn starch

Cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, allspice, vanilla extract. I love to bake.
Canned goods. Such as tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato sauce, tuna, olives, corn, peas, carrots, etc.
Condiments. Ketchup, mustard, mayo (or sandwich spread), salad dressing, relish, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, pickles
Oil (vegetable and olive) and vinegar (white, red and malt, at least in my kitchen)

Of course they’ll have Old Bay - we live in Merrylande after all! :rofl: I’ll probably give them some of my duplicates - like the extra soy sauce and worcestershice sauce and maybe a few boxes of mac-n-cheese. Because I’m nice, dammit!.

Lemon pepper salt, ginger, garlic, oregawno, soy, vinegar, rice wine. Better than bouillon, panko bread crumbs, sugars, flour, starch, baking soda-powder.chocolate chips, Olive oil, pan spray.

Sorry but why do you ask? Let them figure out their own and run to the store.
They will be dancing naked in the kitchen for the first month.
Best housewarming gift you can give is to lose their address for at least a month.

I’m not planning to give her a list or anything else. I was just wondering what other people consider to be basics when starting out - I thought I said that in the OP. And we won’t be showing up there uninvited ever.

As for nekkid dancing in the kitchen - the have a toddler, which may cramp that activity.

IOW they’ve already done the nekkid dancin’ in the kitchen thing but it was your kitchen.

A bunch of non-food items will be needed. Like a dish drainer, soap dispenser, sponges, mop, canister set, pots, skillets, etc. (I visited a friend soon after he and his wife moved into their first house and we went to Home Depot multiple times that weekend.)

UM. no - they arrived with the baby! :stuck_out_tongue:

They do have most of the non-food stuff, since they lived on their own up till 2 years ago, so dishes and glasses and cooking gear and all that. But since they’ve been with us, they kick in for groceries and I’ve done most of the cooking, hence the need for salt and pepper and mayo and ketchup…

I’ll let his mother buy them a vacuum cleaner, tho. :wink:

Son-of-a-wrek and wife stayed here a month when they had asbestos removal done in their attic. They had one child. I put them in Sons old bedroom and admonished them ‘no’ hanky panky.
Of course, exactly 8months later we had a new baby in the family.

A broom, of course. Never, ever bring an old broom.

How do you suppose they got the toddler?

Coffee of course-damn, how come no body has said that yet. Sheesh


Oh yeah-beer and/or booze and wine

Coffee, sugar, Sweet N Low, Creamer and a drip coffee pot

Salt & pepper, Garlic powder, Onion Powder, Chicken Bouillon, Bay leaf, 6 cans Tomato sauce

Pasta (Elbow Macaroni, Spaghetti) , Rice.

4 pound’s of hamburger, Chicken thighs, boneless Breasts, and strips.

Several cans of corn, brown beans, green peas, green beans etc.

A basic tomato meat sauce can inspire a lot of one pan meals. Add in pasta or rice, and a canned vegetable.

For chicken, buy a selection of Campbell’s Skillet sauces and Oven Sauces. They offer a wide range of flavors.

Simple meals are ideal for a young couple.

Make a list of every thing she actually uses for…say…a week.
Add to the list laundry and bathroom needs and pet if there is one. She will be very busy so lean towards a supply of pre-prepared meals. Hold off the dinner parties and house warming until she has settled in and has the home in order. Good Luck!

I was told by a packing company that moved us several states north one time, to have Toilet paper and light bulbs in my personal luggage.
+1 on the coffee and toddler needs.

When I was preparing to move out of the family home for the first time, mum suggested the list idea. It was simple enough - every meal we had, I wrote down what essentials had gone into it so by the time I was packing up to leave, I’d got a bunch of dry goods, herbs and spices ready to go. I was moving into a shared house so most of the pots and pans etc were already there, my addition was a set of casserole dishes and a slow cooker.

When I moved further afield, I always made sure I had mugs, kettle, tea-making stuff, toilet paper and lightbulbs easily to hand. No was was I moving in without the aid of several mugs of tea!

Every pantry should include a fire extinguisher, (easy access, and handy to kitchen!)

Plus, it’s something that most people, mid house move, don’t really want to spend money on.

I know you asked for food suggestions, but it’s something they’ll def feel good about having covered!