New & Improved! Pet Peeves!

Well actually, it’s the same old, same old now, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: We all have these little things that bother/irk us - some more so than others. Especially if you’re on the obsessive-compulsive side. :smack: This morning, though, while reading through posts on, one of mine popped up at me. It’s the people who post their problems in their blog, then ask for help, yet then go into the replies and for every suggestion made, however useful, they have some reason (excuse?) for it not being able to work for them. Okay, I can see that there would be some suggestions posted that are probably just lame, and yes there are going to be legitimate reasons why some other suggestions would not work – but there are plenty of folks out there who come up with -some- reason for nearly everything! The ones that really aggravate me are those who need counseling, but for some reason think that it either won’t help them or that it will cost too much (a very frequent excuse and one that does have validity but there are also plenty of clinics where they use sliding scale fee schedules or community health centers where social workers can be seen, etc.), or whatever else they can think of -not- to get counseling. Heck, you can even get into a support group, which usually costs little to nothing–even -that- would be of some help, like for folks having problems dealing with grief. It just makes me grit my teeth sometimes.

Okay, moving on to another favorite pet peeve of mine - the bathroom at work. Well, at least I can -laugh- about these! I’ll admit up front that I’m one of those “shy” folks who doesn’t (read -can’t-) like to go to the bathroom if there is someone else in there - I especially need privacy when I’m going in to poop. It’s so bad that for a while there I couldn’t go number two at work unless it was one of those “HAVE TO GO NOW!” situations. Yes, it was that bad, but has eased up a bit. I’m not the only shy one there though. laughs Yesterday, another woman came into the bathroom and went into one of the other stalls. She proceeded to flush the toilet … then flush it again … and again and again!!! As soon as one flush was over, she would flush it again. I don’t know if she was just peeing or trying to make a poop, but it was driving me crazy (plus her entrance into the bathroom had already ruined me anyways ;))! As I was leaving the restroom, she flushed 3 more times … it had to have been a total of 30 flushes, at least, that I heard!! Like I said, I can easily sympathsize with what I think was the reasoning behind this - she’s probably bathroom shy and was trying to cover any noises, but honestly!!! I just wish we all had our own private bathrooms, especially at work. laughs Yes, even at home I’d like to have my own private bathroom!!

Feel free to add your own pet peeves… :slight_smile:

I remember when I first started dating my boyfriend years ago. He lived with his father back then and I could never go to the bathroom there since it was in the middle of both of their rooms and echoed like crazy. :slight_smile:

I guess some of my own pet peeves are people who always say they’ll call you and then never do. My cousin does this to me all the time and it drives me crazy. I call her to say hi and of course, she can never talk and she always vows to call me back. She never does most of the time and if she does, it’s always a week later and I know that her life isn’t very busy at all. Most of the time she’s with her boyfriend because she cannot survive without a guy in her life, so whenever she gets a new boyfriend she thinks if she leaves him or goes away from him that he’ll find someone else.

It’s sort of sad.

My Number One pet peeve is that people who can’t spell are always put in charge of making signs. My wife was just in the hospital. While we waited for her to be operated on, I noticed that the professionally-laminated sign on the door leading to the rest of the hospital read:


The process of getting a sign had to go through a) the person who wanted it there, b) the purchasing department or some such, c) the company who makes the signs, d) the person who created the sign, e) the receiving department, f) the head of the department of waiting room signage, and g) the person who cemented it onto the door. Not a one of the noticed.

I can understand not realizing that there are two Ns and one L in Personnel, but AuthorizIED?


Folks who will argue an untenable position 'til they are blue in the face.

When someone who cannot sing tries to sing a song I like. It totally butchers the song.
This girl at my school who wears blue lip gloss and light blue fishnets with gaping holes in them. Sometimes I just want to pull her aside from her EMO kid friends, shake my head, and take away her lip gloss. Then just walk away.

Bush lovers in general.

And who, when challenged, resort to fuzzy reasoning, selective ignorance, and indignant finger-pointing.

What drives absolutely batty is when people use apostrophies to make a word plural.

I see this sign on the way home every day that states Harley’s For Sale. I don’t know who Harely is, but apparently he can be bought for a nice price.

Or, Free Kitten’s! Free kitten’s what?

Even more annoying is when people post and leave out a word completely - even AFTER previewing.

That should be what drives ME absolutely batty…

People who spell “Gandhi,” “Ghandi.”

And use “loan” when they mean “lend.”

And misuse apostrophes. stab