New info on 555 numbers

This is in relation to this article:

Apparently, the North American Numbering Plan Association have been offering 555 numbers to private individuals for over 10 years now. It would theoretically allow a seven-digit number to be dialled countrywide and reach the same individual.

According to this article:

it’s never worked quite as planned, but 200 of them are currently working, which means that although Kojak won’t be there, somebody other than the phone company might be.

A list of assigned 555 numbers can be found at:

From the NY Times article:

Nitpick. A Local Access Transport Area (LATA) is definitely not a term that usually means one area code.

Predatory? How?

$2500 for a phone number? “Hey, Tony, we got a live one here!” :rolleyes:

The phone number was free.

It’s specialized phone service they want. What competitor is harmed by Verizon’s pricing? Should the government compel Verizon to provide 555 service at some other rate?

I don’t get it.