New(ish) Professional Sports

I just learned last year about the sport of Pickleball, which was created in 1965. It’s played at both the amateur and professional level. A couple of years ago, I also discovered the sport of Roundnet, which apparently also has a professional division. I don’t know how old I was when I learned to play Ultimate as that’s another sport invented in my lifetime, and, yes, it seems to have a professional level.

It’s fascinating to me how quickly these new sports have gone pro. Now I’m wondering what other newly-created sports there are and which ones have developed a professional or semi-professional sector. For “newly-created”, let’s go within the last 75 years. And let’s use this template for the answers, if possible:

  1. Name of Sport
  2. When created
  3. Where created
  4. By whom (if known)
  5. Where played
  6. Have you played personally, and at what level?
  7. Does the sport have a pro/semi-pro level?

Feel free to add other questions to the template.

Thanks to any and all who answer!

Paintball started in NH in 1981. It is played all over the US and in some foreign countries . I have played 1 time for fun, will play again. It has a pro league. It got started because forestry people used the paintballs to mark trees.