New Labour Party Chief Sacks Shadow Minister For Sharing Anti-Semitic Article

Good for him. Antisemitism has been the forgotten child of the recent protests over racism. Now if we could only get someone to remove Trump. :+1:

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Can we jews, brothers & sisters all, not make this about us right now. Let blacks and POC have the spotlight. Don’t you worry, the racists won’t forget about us any time soon.

I’m perfectly capible of focusing on more than one outrage at a time. Denouncing antisemitism is just as important now as it ever was, and it supports other movements rather than distracts from it.

Fighting back against antisemitism when it is happening isn’t making anything about us.

Hell no.

Antisemitism is a problem on both the right and the left. The fact that there are new antisemitic canards being invented in the context of the current progressive upswell is very concerning. They need to be addressed as they’re happening and before they become entrenched “facts.”

Let me restate what I thought I made clear but obviously failed.

That an anti-semite was fired from the UK labour party can only be commended.

The claim that anti-semitism is the “forgotten child of current protests” - which if I am not mistaken are largely sparked by unwarranted killings of blacks and thus are largely in support of BLM - is what I gently chided the OP for.

I see BLM signs. I see ‘End Racism’ signs. I don’t see any signs that read, “Forget the Jews”.

I understand your point and agree somewhat. But what makes including antisemitism in the protests important is that antisemitism is an issue in segments of the black community. So while those black people are protesting racism maybe they should be struggling against their own antisemitism. This is a human problem and we should be fighting hatred on a broad front. My opinion, of course.

In my humble opinion, there is not better way to accomplish this goal than to stand in solidarity with BLM. It would certainly be in poor taste, and likely backfire, to take this opportunity to bring up Farrakhan.

I certainly wouldnt bring up Farrakhan in a BLM protest, but I think cancel culture should be extended to antisemitism beyond Mel Gibson. And opinion pieces reminding us that AS has been an ongoing problem for centuries. Maybe even petition for a name change at Ford. But Im in agreement with you about bringing it up at the street level.

Well, that’s an entirely different kettle of gefilte fish.

Aside: Who keeps fish in a kettle?

The problem is, this story isn’t true.

Please, shield your eyes from the anti-semitism, which I will now quote in full: "The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.”

Now, there’s absolutely no doubt that the Israeli military and secret services train American law enforcement. The conspiracy theory is that part of the training includes pressure on the neck.

Here is the whole article: Maxine Peake: ‘People who couldn’t vote Labour because of Corbyn? They voted Tory as far as I’m concerned’ | The Independent | The Independent

What is actually going on here is a Labour party purge. The Leader is purging his opponents, and the woman now sacked was his closest rival in the recent leadership contest.

While not dismissing the presence of antisemitism in the Labour Party (nor in the Conservatives, to be frank), I agree with blindboyard that this looks more like a political move than anything else. In one fell swoop Starmer has definitively distanced himself from the previous history (or at least accusations) of antisemitism in the Party leadership and ranks while also defanging the strongest Corbynite in the Cabinet. It’s a win-win for him, even if on the face of it the actual infraction being punished was trivial to meaningless.

There is no way in Hell I’m letting blacks and people of color ‘have the spotlight.’ The anti Semitic bullshit on the hard left needs to called out loudly.

Starmer was absolutely right to do what he did. Every member of that cabinet knew that the days of playing footsie and doing a little dance with the toxic anti Semitic left were over. Rebecca Long-Bailey knew exactly what she was doing and I’m glad Starmer sacked her.

They were called out in the UK elections last year, where they suffered a catastrophic loss despite running against a total buffoon. What’s happening now is just routine mopping up.

I have my own issues with antisemitism in the far left, too, but there’s no need to link it to the ongoing crisis. It’s not Jews who are being strangled in the middle of the street right now, you know. It’s perfectly fine for us to stand back and let someone else be the victims.