New Laptop "Whirs" A Lot: Normal?

I just bought a new Fujitsu N6000 laptop with a great 17" screen. I love everything about it, except there is this “whirring” of the fan about every minute. I am assuming it is a fan of some kind.

Having never owned a laptop before, is this normal?

Is there any way to get it to stop doing it?

My laptop in an emachine with a 17 inch screen, and my fan is on more often than it’s not. It’s on to keep your computer cool. Due to their compressed size, laptops can generate a fair amount of heat in a smaller than normal area, which can be harder to ventilate, due to less “open” area, like what you get with a tower. Cooling fans tend to be on to smaller side as well, again, due to space issues. I’ve had heating issues with my machine, due to a heat sink that had separated from the processor. My machine would run, heat up, and then shut itself off when the temp got too high. If you notice this behavior, then odds are good you have a cooling issue.

Feel the bottom of your laptop next time the fan is on. It should feel warm, even hot. This is normal. If leaving your hand their for more than five seconds causes pain, then your machine is most likely having cooling issues.

what kind of surface are you using it on? despite their name, laptops really shouldn’t be used on your lap, as clothing can block the air inflow vents if they are on the bottom. This can cause over heating. Make sure any vents are left open, and this should drop fan usage somewhat.

There are programs that allow you to vary fan speed (may even be able to do so in your BIOS settings), but unless you know what you are doing, don’t. You can quite easily turn your computer into a very expensive paperweight.

Usually laptops have Temperature controlled fans, Especially the newer ones - It could be that the fan is adjusting to the changing tempratures. Laptops try to conserver power in almost every function, Fans i.e. changing with temprature, Processors changing there operating speed to match the performance needed for what it is doing etc etc.

Another reason could be a worn out bearing, but that would almost definately be a constant growl or vibration.

Could also be that there is an obstruction of some sort, but I would put my money on the first on.

I would recomend the following:

Especially if you tend to use your laptop for extended periods on your lap or a surface that doesn’t allow proper airflow.

Good recommendation NeXXus. I’ve been meaning to pick up one of those for quite sometime now. Currently, I’m using a lenghty chunk of plywood for my cooling stand when I’m in bed (the glories of Wi-Fi).

That sounds cool…pardon the pun. So, if I bought this and used it, does that mean the fan is turning on due to a thermostat in the laptop? Or is it “programmed” to go on every two seconds? In other words, can I be assured this gizmo would work?

It is a brand new laptop, so I doubt there is any other issue. I have it on a new desk that is glass, so I can’t imagine the glass is hot. Would it help if I put some kind of “lift” to let air pass underneath?

Actually, on second thought, for the price it will be worth it to give it a shot. I will order it tomorrow. Hope a 17" will fit on it, so maybe I will phone in the order and ask before ordering it.

Thanks for the tip!!!

On a flat surface, such as glass, you shouldn’t have to lift, as the laptop is designed to have an adequate airflow. The fan is connected to a thermostat,s o once your laptop reaches a certain temperature inside it will go on. The more processor hungry the application, the quicker the temperature rises, the more your fan will turn on, and the longer it will run.

The cooling stand that neXXus recommended will help to cool your computer, but you will still notice the fan coming on. Laptops can get hot and they can do it fast. All the fans in the stand do is move more air across the bottom of the laptop. You still need something inside to suck the warm air out. As I said before, unless your machine is getting to the point where it is too hot to touch, or starts shutting off with no warning, I wouldn’t worry too much. Another test is to hold your fingers about an inch away from your exhuast vent. The air should be warm to hot, but it should not burn.

That one should work just fine, its not too expensive, so yeah if you can afford go ahead, If it don’t work they will replace it with no hassle - Newegg is the only place I deal with online, just because of their customer service, and prices ain’t bad niether.

Also note that the Fujitsu N6000 uses a Pentium 4 processor - these are easily the hottest running of modern processors. An Athlon 64-mobile would have run quite a bit cooler, and a Centrino(Pentium-M) system would be even cooler yet.

It’s perfectly normal. P4 based notebooks usually run their fans quite frequently. They have to as the CPU runs very hot. The latest centrino notebooks have coller running CPUS and don’t nned as much fan action.

The active pad works OK, but they are noisy. I use this for my big 17" P4 notebook.