New laptop will not print to printer

I’ve exhausted my modest level of tech expertise, so naturally I come here for guidance.

I have replaced my laptop with a shiny new one. I own two printers, an inkjet and a laser. The new laptop immediately found and connected to the inkjet. After much button pushing and lever pulling, I finally got it to at least see the laser (I downloaded the driver, too). But, when trying to print to it, all I get is that the printer is in an error state. That is the extent of the error message.

Of course running the troubleshooter provided Zero help.

The older laptop still prints to the laser. Looking at the settings on that machine, I see that it is connected to a “virtual printer port for USB”. The new laptop shows it assigned to “Standard TCP/IP Port” with a 192.68…IP address.

Could this be part of the problem? Should they both be assigned to the same port, or does that even matter?

Any advice at all?


(running Windows 10)


What is the model of the Laser Printer?
Is it networked via network cable or Wi-Fi?
Can you ping the IP address of the printer from both laptops?

Do you know how to ping?

I really appreciate your input, Exit, but check this out…

After fiddling around with this for two weeks, I posted the above question, then fiddled for maybe 5 additional minutes before fixing it. Of course.

The issue seems to be that the laptop was not connecting to the desktop to which the printer was hard-wired. When I clicked on it in File Manager, it asked for the desktop’s name and password. Once I figured that out and entered the info, the printer was findable.

Well, maybe this will help someone out in the future. Thanks again.


Cool, I’m glad you figured it out.