new member titles?

How did Boyo Jim get a member title of “Best of the Worst”? :confused:

See this thread.

Yes, and **Giraffe *informed me of that. Good idea for that special title and well deserved, might I add.

  • He must be the fastest Moderator on the planet. :eek:

Certainly he’s the tallest.

And has the longest tongue.

Oh, do tell. :wink:

Rumor is that it is 18" long and prehensile.

even reprehensible, sometimes.

And, as any keen observer of giraffes would agree, you don’t want to know what ELSE that tongue is used for.

Face it. Giraffe stands tall among the moderators and is able to lick them all from a distance.

But he’s most vulnerable when thirsty.

I wonder…would it be possible for new members to have New Member under their user name, for maybe a month? That way the newbies would stand out, and we could treat (or abuse :wink: ) them accordingly.

I think most people who are new members are fairly visible to the rest of the membership.

But you should treat everyone with consideration, not just newbies; I would think our grizzled veterans would appreciate a kind word now and then. :slight_smile:

They do- it sez “Guest”. When I see “Guest” I do tend to look down a bit at their postings I will admit.

But- after they pony up their contribution, however, a Member is a Member as far as I am concerned.

God, you 2001 noobs are all the same. Why don’t you read the threads for a while and get a feel for the culture here before jumping in, eh?

I dissect large aquatic rodents, I don’t take advice from them. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: