New Meme: Muffin or Chihuahua?

I don’t follow internet memes, but I have to admit, when I saw side-by-side pics of chihuahua’s faces and blueberry muffins, I laughed:

Has this been around for a while?

ETA: Labradoodle or Fried Chicken is pretty funny, too - same link, scroll down.

Shakespeare would never have written “The Taming of the Kiwi”, though.

Holy Smokes! Those are cute pictures.

If he had met a hard-nosed woman from New Zealand, he might have! :wink:

(yes, the “shrews vs. kiwis” photos are cute, too.)

“Puppy or Bagel?” Hee hee.

Some of those bagels look like something that is neither bagel nor puppy! Nor edible. :eek:

Personally, I have always found Muffin very reliable on matters of Canadian history and law. Chihuaha is strong on issues of US politics.


Corgi Butt or Loaf of Bread is cute, as well.