New moderator?

Let’s take a vote. I think Polycarp would be a better moderator than David B. for this forum.

Polycarp has shown his level-headedness, open-mindedness, and a fairer pursuit of truth than David B.

Hey, it’s all in fun.

There’s always another beer.

:::ducking and running::::

No! No! No!

Have you seen what “they” say about David? Don’t wish that fate on me!!!

Hmph. This is what I get for welcoming Beeruser into the ranks of the agnostics.

Well, just for that, I’m gonna expel you. Now you have to believe again. So there!

I like Polycarp and all that and I think that if he chose to he would make a fine moderator, but David B has kind of grown on me. I do not often/ever :wink: agree with him, but that is fine. He has his opinions and I have mine.

David, you are doing a fine job.


I’ve grown on you? Kind of like a weed, eh? :wink:

Nah, David, more like a tumor. Or a wart. :wink:

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

I was thinking more of like a nagging fungus, but I guess a weed will work. :wink:


“May your forehead grow like the mighty oak!”
     – Tom Servo, to one of the tall-headed aliens in This Island Earth

So, Jeffrey, what is it that David has said with which you don’t agree? Should alternative “medicine” practitioners be allowed to make claims about their products without decent testing? Should hearsay “evidence” be allowed and believed just because the person bringing it forward is a former police officer?

Or are you just talking about the unprovable opinion stuff, like whether or not there’s a God?


Poly would do an excellent job, but so does David.
When things get bogged down, he cuts away the fat and gets things back on track. If we let him.

I can see poor Dave now, his head buried in his hands, sobbing, “Wally likes me. My credibility is in ruins!”

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.

I don’t get it.

I think I would make a great mod.

Insert jokes from this point onward…

Yer pal,

Veg, I was just giving David a hard time. I put the winky face in didn’t I? What do I have to do to communicate my jest?

I said I like David, even when I may not agree with him. I have no specific examples other than the belief in God, but that is not what I was referring to. I was JOKING.


Always happy to oblige, Brian:

Satan said:

All posters and lurkers are invited to contemplate the return of Adam (ARG220), ready to post to Great Debates when he notes the line Moderator: Satan.

Nah, you’d make a much better rocker.

“I love God! He’s so deliciously evil!” - Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

I always imagined Satan as more of a punk.

Flick Lives!

Hey, I got a Jam CD! And several Paul Weller discs too!


If I continue to support your candidacy, can you get me Yes on CD??

Hey, no trying to get the candidates to buy your vote. Besides, it was you who was nominated. No offense to Satan, but he nominated himself.

Take you albums or 8 tracks or cassettes and get a CR burner and create your own CD.


Actually, I just today figured out what forum Brian ought to moderate. If Lynn ever decides to give it up, that is! :wink: