New Motorcycle

Putting a down payment on a Kawasaki Concours 14.
It may be cold now, but riding season will eventually get here. I look forward to taking longer trips on the Concours 14 than were comfortable on my mid-sized Honda.

Great choice! I had a '96 Connie. Served me well. I know the '14 is different and better. Enjoy!

Only thing better than a new motorcycle is an old girlfriend.


Ride on!

Congrats on the new ride! That’s supposed to be an awesome bike. Enjoy!

My friend is on his 2nd connie. I’ve rode both and think they are nice. Not enough to get my off my Triumph but a lot better than a lot of the lumps out there.

Shiny side up!

I’ve been shopping since the end of last riding season. The C14 offers nearly everything I want without a bunch of stuff that I don’t want. The other bikes in its class have a lot of electronic features that may, in fact, be swell for a lot of people. I, though, don’t need or want bluetooth connectivity or a sound system, for a couple examples. A cruise control wouldbe nice, but a throttle lock will do. What pushed me that last mm to reach for the wallet was the color…love that green and black paint job.

Congratulations and wishes for some early warm weather for you. I bet you’re going to love the Connie. It’s a great bike.

I bought a new bike back in November. I traded in the Boulevard on a Gold Wing. I seriously considered a Connie, but I chose the Wing for the wintertime comfort. However, I’ve been pretty surprised by the performance and handling of the Wing. It’s no sport bike by any means, but it does put a smile on my face when I twist the throttle hard. The big heated seat is a big heated plus when it’s 35 deg. F outside, too.

I have a Buell XB12XT for touring and the best touring feature on it is the heated grips. If they don’t come on the Kawi, get them! Great looking bike…Congrats!

I’m hoping to get into a bike sometime this year, as soon as I find new living arrangements (currently in a gated apt. complex which doesn’t allow motorcycles.)

Having only had used in either, I don’t know if your right or not. :wink:

Good pick Scumpup. If you’re ever heading towards PA let me and my old Road Kow know; maybe we’ll meet along some twisty road for a burger or something.

I’m in Beaver County not too far from Pittsburgh Airport, so I think we are pretty close to each other. My riding buddies and I have taken day trips into Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland, so we’ve probably been through your part of PA. I’ll be happy to meet up with you.
The primary motivation (other than it being SO COOL) for getting the C14 is that longer trips on my Honda beat me up too much. Too much getting blown around, too much vibration, too much not being able to shift position enough. The bigger, heavier, more comfortable bike extends my range considerably. The other guys were still pretty fresh when I was ready to call it a day. We’re kicking around ideas for 2-3 day excursions this year.

Pretty funny. I’m in Beaver County as well. Conway, to be precise. Near Ambridge, Baden, etc.

Know the feeling. I like my Sportie ------ for say 70 miles or so. Much beyond it its the semi-famous Road Kow

OK - first place is my usual commercial for Bills Old Bike Barn
and nearby Knoebels Grove

which has dedicated motorcycle parking available along the entrance road. Go there across Rte 6 to Williamsport and drop south. Many cheap motels especially during the week.

Second is a friend and I are starting an AMA club out of the North Hills of Pgh. You do not have to be an AMA member to belong and we’re planning trips for things like Rolling Thunder in DC and the like. Our club email is
Let them know you bumped into the veep online.

And if you are younger and/or into the wilder side of things I highly recommend the Bean Blossom Bikerfest in Indiana (state) just outside Nashville. Never have I seen a larger crowd of totally peaceful stoned drunks in my life. Much loud music, much drinking and fun, and no fights. I’ve seen more conflict at HOG rallies than I did Bean Blossom.

Another great event is the West Sides Cats annual bike show and poker run in Austintown Ohio. Fantastic cause (they specialize in injured and hard to adopt pets) and the most fantastic t-shirts in bikedom (how can you beat “Support your local cat house”?). I usually run off 51, forget the number from there, pass by 11 and take the next road north. Can look at a map.

PS – I’m just off 65 and go to McMahons a lot so we’ll have to consider a Dopefest at Wexford Starlight Car Cruise of something.

Thanks! I’m in Beaver Falls, so I often follow 51 over into Ohio and tool around. I’d definitely like to ride with you. If you do the Officer Kuzak ride, we’ve already ridden together…

The Goldwing for the past 15 years or so (GL1800) has had pretty impressive performance for such a big bike. There’s a guy who rides a yellow GL1800 in Deals Gap a lot, and he regularly embarrasses other riders on nimble little crotchrockets. Here he is in action.

Agreed, heated grips and heated seat make three-season touring much more appealing.

Scumpup, congrats on the new ride; hope it’s a blast.

I’m near Buffalo and ride March to November, this year was a bonus I was out Dec 31st.:slight_smile:

Love love love my Aerostich Darien jacket with the electric fleece liner. It was a lot of money but almost 10 years later I still love it.

Another shameless plug is for a throttlemeister. Replaces the bar end and after shimming properly it’s a effortlessly easy twist throttle lock.

Hmmmm, Deal’s Gap… been a few years. Taking my big Triumph Tiger and scaring the shit out of the squid kids on their sportbikes. Good times, good times.

Nice bike. Think I would’ve gone for the black over the Radioactive Vomit Green, though. :slight_smile:

Okay, Candy Lime Green. Whatever. I’m not in marketing.*

- VT, *Kaw Rider since '86

  • Technically not entirely true.

Nice bike! Come on down south, it hit 65 degrees today in GA. Riding season makes scattered appearances throughout the winter around here. Lots of cycles on the streets this week.

My daughter describes it as “Fapple Green.”

Picked it up and drove it home today. I may sleep in the shed with it tonight. What a glorious machine!