New Norah Jones - Ooooooo, it's cool and slinky

Have you heard It’s Gonna Be? (youtube link)

I really like it - different from her mellower, country-tinged piano stuff and she uses her voice to tweak a bit more overt sexiness into it. And I love the tone of that old-school electric piano she is using to set the groove - very very cool.

Just listened to the single now. I like the change in direction.

Man, I really want to like this. I absolutely love the piano, love the groove, her voice is great…but the chorus on this just kills it for me for some reason. Some of the other songs (like “Light as a Feather”) do the same thing - I like various parts of it, but put it together and it just doesn’t mesh. Ah well, different strokes, and it’s always interesting to try something new, especially when it’s a WordMan recommend.

She definitely needed to find her own voice, instead of being a standard crooner/cover artist. I like the edginess she’s found, and the shots she’s firing back at the critics.

Right direction, but it’s not enough for me. This song is not quite there yet.

First of all - thanks. Secondly, you know, I hear you and **Ogre **- it’s not perfect and your targeting of the repetitive chorus as a fault is spot on to my ear. I like the fact that she is stepping out a bit, but still trying to figure out how to stay true. It’s not like Nelly Furtado, who tried to get all fierce with Timbaland behind her but it didn’t sound right because that’s not who she is.

I enjoy it enough to seek out the other tracks and consider getting the CD…and man, I do love that piano groove. I had Superstition going the other day - there is something about a big, thick 70’s keyboard groove. I assume the various analog ways they generated electric keyboard, clavinet or synthy tones back in the day had a bit more grease and muscle behind it. It’s why I dig **Kids **by **MGMT **- very thick keyboard rhythm tone…Gary Numan thick…