New Orleans cemeteries

I heard that all graves in New Orleans cemeteries are above ground. Is this true?? If so, why?

They are not ALL above ground but most of them are. The ones that aren’t usually have a concrete slab or crypt to keep them in place since New Orleans is in a flood plain and most folks are kinda turned off by caskets floating to the surface through the soggy ground.

Yep, New Orleans is below sea level. You dig down, you hit water. When it floods–as it does almost constantly–coffins would float.

More convenient for the vampires; less last-minute 4 a.m. shoveling involved.

Even when using concrete vaults (like we do on the Gulf Coast of Texas) there is a problem with floaters.

Galveston, Texas (on the island) has similar cemetaries, but just inland, most are below ground burials.

During the 1900 Storm (big hurricane at Galveston) a number of coffins were washed up and carried to the mainland. There was one stuck in the big pecan tree at my great-grandparents house.