New Orleans dopers assistance please

I bought some gifts in the French Market to bring back to work. I miscounted and am sorry twelve magnets. Would anyone be so kind as to let me send you money through Pay Pal for them and buy me some more. I can send a picture of the magnets.

Sounds like this could be a classic overpayment scam.

From a poster who’s been here for 12 years?

True, someone else could be using the account.

Well, he “miscounted and am sorry twelve magnets”. Also, he mentioned Pay Pal right off the bat rather than seeing what methods of payment people would be willing to follow.

I’m not in NOLA and won’t be visiting anytime soon, but I bet i know which magnets you’re referring to and they’re great. Hopefully someone will be along shortly to help you out.

He sure did his homework setting us up: What to do in New Orleans? by MannyL

Between that and the “New Orleans dopers assistance please” line in the OP, I doubt it’s a scam. I think it’s more likely that he “miscounted and [was] short 12 magnets,” but some kind of autocorrect function got to his post. Happens all the time.

MannyL and I have it all worked out. He’s going to send me a money order for the magnets and after I cash it and buy the magnets, there will be $200 leftover for my troubles. Easy peasy.

Very funny Bob. My OP was made from my phone and I wasn’t aware that the auto-correct feature is really an auto-error feature.

When I was at the French Market I purchased 31 magnets. I thought that would be enough to bring home so I could give them as gifts to my friends along with some coworkers.

Once I was at work I realized I severely miscounted the number I needed and five of my coworkers did not get anything. In my favor those five will not be back to work for three weeks so if I can get someone in New Orleans to buy and send the same type of magnet, my rear end will be covered (and not in metal) . I have four friends who I wanted to give them too as well but I won’t see them until the middle of September so as long as someone helps me I will have them in time.

I can’t post a link to photobucket while at work because it’ blocked but tonight I’ll link to a picture of the magnet. If someone can find a website with them I would be willing to buy them off it and avoid going through sending funds to a doper, having them buy the items then sending them to me.

Are they the small square tile magnets with pictures of various New Orleans restaurants/landmarks/brands on them?

no they are more like a face. I tried to post a drop box link in the subject. I am posting from my phone.

Here’s a link to the image for you.

I’ve seen those Mardi Gras mask magnets at just about every gift shop around NOLA, not just at the market - so I don’t think they’re by a local artist or anything, like some of the market stuff is. Try Googling up some New Orleans giftshops, I’m sure many will ship.

You might find something you can use at this site.

Is thiswhat you’re looking for? There were other sites with similar magnets, but they all said “Out of Stock.”

I’m a bit north of New Orleans, but I’ll help you out if no one else can. I actually have one of those magnets on my fridge! I might even be able to get them locally, but it’s certainly no hardship to head to NO for the day.

Bob that was a link back to the same image I used.

Model D is the one that I need. I paid $1.25 at the market for each.

Anyone actually in New Orleans who wants to go? No? OK, then.

MannyL, can you tell me what you like better about Model D than Model A? I’m getting that you don’t want eye masks or extra swirls painted on the faces, but A and D look pretty close to me.

I like the eyes better on D than A, but A would work out just as good. If you can get them locally but the cost is higher let me know and I’ll send more money.