New Orleans Saints & the voodoo queen

I recently (two weeks ago) heard on NPR that the New Orleans Saints had hired a voodoo priestess to bless their stadium. Does anybody have the dope on this one? I spent 2 hours slogging through the Times-Picayune site and various N.O. Saints sites looking for an AP story or something, but to no avail. Thanks for the help!

I spent a week in that wonderful city last April. While there, a friend took a tour of the Superdome. The docent told a story about when the stadium was built the builders found Indian graves. The thing was hushed up and the building went on as scheduled. Eventually it was discovered, but not before a curse had been leveled on the stadium: Any team playing there would not have a winning season.

Gosh, and I always thought it was because they traded a mediocre draft pick for two or three worse ones!

I guess they need a priestess to remove the curse, but I doubt a Voodoo priestess would be my choice for Indian curse removal

WAG - It was a joke saying the Saints “should” hire one.