New PC game copies parts of Oblivion and other games

This is one of the more bizzare stories I’ve seen lately.

Apparently there is a recently released PC Adventure game titled Limbo of the Lost. Well, shortly after it was released, people started noticing that some of the locations in the game looked very similar to locations in other games such as Oblivion and Thief.

OK, not similar. Identical. For example, in one room not only are there shelves in the exact same location in both games, the shelves have the exact same items in the exact same arrangements in both games. It looks like the Limbo of the Lost developers simply stole the art assets from the other games and used them in their own.

Here’s an article on the whole affair with some comparison shots.

Has anyone heard of anything like this happening before? How in the world did the developers think they would get away with this? I mean, it isn’t like no one ever played Oblivion or Thief.

Sure this kind of thing has happened before. There’s a lot of people who think that no one will notice a lifted model or texture. And that’s not counting things like copying all of the important bits of game design and releasing a version under a slightly variant name. This is an exceptionally blatant one, though.

Besides they didn’t steal from Thief; they stole from Thief 3 and as everyone knows that game doesn’t exist.

Wow, that is funny. It seems to have enough coverage that I can’t believe it’s a total hoax. But I have to wonder if it was a joke that got out of hand, and somebody didn’t know how to stop.

Surreal. Who ARE these people?

This happened about 10 years ago to a company I worked for. We had a CD-ROM database program with a collection of shareware/freeware on it, and somebody ripped the whole thing off and put their own product name on it. Same directory structure, same menu, everything. We found out who it was and told them if he didn’t deliver all the CD-ROMs to us we’d sue his ass off. He complied, he claimed he got someone else to make the CD and didn’t realize it was a rip-off of ours. :expressionless: