New Phoenix heat record broken

Hey, people love see records broken, but this one may not be much to brag about.

Today Phoenix broke the record for the most days with temperatures 110 F or more in one summer, at 29.

Ain’t that grand?

Yea, but it is a dry heat.


To hot to run;)

I thought you meant one day record… and winced. :stuck_out_tongue: Expected 136 or something.

Up here in the PNW we’ve been unusually cool. I’ve only had to use my A/C a handful of times this summer. I wonder what this winter will be like?
I remember back in the late forties, there were actually newspapers articles speculating on what effect the “A-Bomb” was having on the weather.

I was in Phoenix back in '90(?) when it was 113 for several days in a row. I seem to remember that flights were canceled at Sky Harbor because that kind of heat affects aircraft performance. Either that or the runway was melting.

You know, for some reason this summer hasn’t felt so bad.
Maybe the humidity has been low.
Anyway, the summer is coming to an end soon, then we get to laugh at all you cold-location denizens.

I just moved here from Michigan, and it’s rough. I’m teaching at a charter school, and have to wear a long-sleeved shirt and tie to work. The walk from my classroom to the staff lounge is excruciatingly hot. Even worse is the heat when I open my car at 4:30 every afternoon! I bought on of those sun shade things, but I need one for each window to really keep it cool. Are those available for side windows?

Yeah, I’ve seen 'em. Maybe Checker, or AutoZone.
I’ve always said that not having to wear long pants to work is worth $10K/year to me…

Yesterday was “only” 106. But like an idiot, I let my car run completely out of gas, to the point where it up and died in the middle of the road. (Not really my fault, the gas gauge is busted. I didn’t think it would run out that fast.) Despite being in West Mesa, hardly the outskirts of Phoenix, I happened to break down in a spot where the closest gas station was a mile away. Didn’t really have any other choice but to walk it.

Sometimes I regret my insistence on wearing jeans regardless of the time of year…

In Phoenix, one should always carry an extra pair of shorts and sandals in the trunk. Oh, and maybe a gallon of water, a Hawaiian shirt and a wide-brimmed hat :smiley:

I moved the Japan that summer. While it wasn’t that hot in Salt Lake, it was still damn hot. We were near 110.

We had a used swamp cooler stored in the basement, and I got it out and put it on the front poarch one night just to cool the place down. My brother helped me install it the next day.

Yeah, the famous 122.6°F day.
They wouldn’t let the planes take off, because the Air Density tables didn’t go that high. Of course, someone could have just used a calculator, but that wouldn’t have been S.O.P. They’ve revised them; I wonder how high the go now?

I was at Tbird getting an MBA that summer. I remember riding my bike home at the peak and thinking it was kinda hot.

Those super hot days. Could not wear cheap flip flops on blacktop because they didn’t provide enough insulation and you’d have a killer hot foot/feet. No one could wear gold necklaces, because the sun would heat the metal to where it would burn the skin.

That summer sucked.

Just to rub salt in the wound, back in Michigan most of us feel that this summer has been a fairly mild one. There have been a couple days in the high 90’s, but only a couple, and to my knowledge it hasn’t hit triple digits once. Some days have actually been on the cool side, prompting comments like, “what happened to summer?”

Here in Las Vegas, we too know what hot is…the newscasters simply count off the days in late winter until we start getting into the “triple digits” and then, bam, over 100 degrees all summer long. If we dip into the 90’s, it is a lead story on the news.

I personally LOVE the heat and having sunshine every day. Having lived in Illinois, New York and in Berlin, Germany, I have had my fill of cold - of days and months with nothing but gray sky, sleet, torrential rains, snow, slush, freezing winds, icy roads, frost bite, wearing gloves and boots and scarves and hats and still freezing my ass off.

Much easier to strip naked, step into a pool, come out and have a cool drink and then hide in the shade and read a book.