New Pink Floyd CD

Sorry to be so late on this xanadu. It’s probably too late but I’ve been rivetted by the music every time the TV advertises the “new” Echoes compilation.

Agree with Dragon Phoenix: EDITED Echoes!?! Immpossible!! (I once heard an Albuquerque radio station play the WHOLE Echoes cut, without break!)

And a Pink Floyd compilation without Interstellar Overdrive? It’s a very long cut but one of the few which has made it on TWO P.F. albums. I also find it hard to believe that they included Shine on (all parts!) without substantial editing.

The biggest problem with the new compilation, IMOH, is that if you get it, you will probably never get another Pink Floyd album (since the “best” will already be in your CD player :eek: ). THAT would be a big mistake and a tragedy-----since each and every P.F. album is great in its own right (at least, the Wall and earlier).

Try Animals if it’s not too late (ABSOLUTELY rivetting music, from beginning to end, most particularly the first minute and the last minute!) WYWH is, of course, Great but someone you know will have it to loan to you. Likewise with the other “real greats”, so you can ‘test drive’ them.

ah, well. It’s probably “Too late, too late, too late” as the late general D. MacArthur once warned. :frowning: (No cite: “The history of failure in warfare can be summed up in two words…”)

(All this from a 9" Nails fan!)

Well, this is the myth that Waters tried to create when he left the band, but it’s not really true.

Waters was never the “soul” of the band, but he may well have been the architect – the one who took the building blocks provided by the other members and assembled them into the concept album structures that we know and love.

Since his absence, the two subsequent studio albums have not been as conceptually interesting as DARK SIDE and WISH YOU WERE HERE, but they have far more right to be considered Pink Floyd albums than THE FINAL CUT, which is really a Roger Waters solo effort in all but name.

By the way, by this logic, is PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN “not really Pink Floyd” because it is pre-Waters (at least in the sense that this was before Waters took over the songwriting)? It would be more accurate to divide the group’s career into four phases: the Syd Barret era, the group collaboration era (including ECHOES and up through WISH YOU WERE HERE); the Waters-dominated era (including THE WALL and FINAL CUT); and the post-Waters era.

People who give Waters credit for being the driving force behind the group seem to remember only the the third era and try to identify that as the “real” Pink Floyd. But to do that, you have to ignore all that came before.

steve biodrowski

No, it’s not too late. I can still be saved. :slight_smile: I’ve definitely decided that I’m not getting Echoes, though. It seems as though everybody agrees that the comnpilation was a bad idea. So, I’m probably going to get “Wish You Were Here” and take it from there. But thanks a lot, everybody, for your suggestions.

I’ve heard all of PF’s albums but only own a couple I’d want to relisten to in entirety so the compilation CDs intrigued me, until I found that several of my favorite tracks from the more “obscure” titles weren’t there:

The Gunner’s Dream and Two Suns in the Sunsetfrom The Final Cut
Fat Old Sun and especially Summer '68 from Atom Heart Mother
Fearless and San Tropez from Meddle (which I may as well buy at this point)

By the way, a close look at the track listing for the CD reveals this:

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-VII)

The original “Shine On” included nine parts, so apparently this is an edited version, too.

This could have been a great CD, but it should have been a four-disc box set if it hoped to come close to encapsulating the group’s entire career.

And by the way, why don’t the Floyd at last come out with a “rarities” album that would round up all the early, non-album singles, along with other stuff like “Embryo,” the re-recorded “Money,” and stuff from the movie soundtrack for ZABRISKIE POINT?

steve biodrowski

I just got the new Echoes CD, and it is good. It may not be the way that the music is meant to be heard, but it is a good mix of a lot of different styles. You could listen to the compilation, pick your favorite style and go from there. The album also has a lot of their “best” songs. I certainly don’t consider it a waste of money. The only other Floyd album I own is the Wall.

ScriptAnalyist said:

I agree that that albums from The Wall onwards were Waters dominated to a greater extent than previous albums but I would argue that Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here were also Waters dominated.

DSOTM, WYWH and The Wall were all concerned with madness - a familiar Waters obsession. Animals is probably more of a group effort, more Gilmour influenced.

This means that ALL the Pink Floyd records from Dark Side of the Moon onwards were Waters dominated with the exception of one, Animals.

And Waters played the major role in the records before DSOTM as well - those ones after Syd left anyway. Remember Gilmour was only brought in as a guest guitarist to replace Syd.

But I agree that, when he was there, Syd was the main man. After he left, Roger took over the job.

The Final Cut was more of a Waters solo effort, I agree.