new pjs made me happy. What little thing made you happy today?

I bought myself some new lying around the house clothes. Irishfella calls my normal pyjamas “the bear suit” and suggested I get something a little more feminine and flattering to cheer me up, because I always feel like a big fat slob in my normal ones.

I bought some maroon PJs that were on offer for half price. I bought the vest and shorts on Thursday, then had to go back yesterday and buy the long sleeve top and trousers because they were so comfy. The Pyjamas are made of some fancy new type of viscose fibre and they’re just the softest, loveliest things ever. They’re that style of pj which could be worn in bed, slouching around, or to your yoga class.

As I lay on my sofa, with a hot water bottle, painkillers and chocolates (yes, it’s that time of the month), my new pjs made everything just a little bit better.

What little thing made your life just a bit better today?

My morning cup of coffee always makes me happy. Corny but true!

Our Death of a Salesman production paid for itself in the first night, which means that the other three nights are pure profit for the theatre department. This is important as we were running incredibly low on money and afraid that we would have to perform on a bare stage. Plus, the show was awesome!

Waking up and realising that I don’t have to pry myself out of bed, get dressed and ready, then throw boots, parka, and mitts on, and head out across the icy, treacherous, snow-covered landscape to the bus stop to go to work. :slight_smile:

:: turns from computer, goes back to bed ::

In Iraq we have to tote our boxes to the post office, open, for inspection. It’s a PITA. Then when we get a package we have to burn all the labels, so that they don’t fall into the wrong hands, which I guess has happened.

Buthere my little pleasure is mailing stuff to my friends—and just taping it up and mailing it off. No one needs to check it, especially people who don’t seem to understand how to pack a damned box. I don’t have to think that there might be people sifting through my garbage for info.

There’s really too many little pleasures for me now. No mortars. No guns in turrets. No danger. No need to carry surgical tape and extra batteries for the radio just in case. I’m just happy with the absence of necessity for all that stuff.