new pontiac gto

Now that GM is putting the ax to the Oldsmobile marque, I’d think it would be a shame to let the DOHC aurora V8 perish as well.
Think of it…take a Grand Am or Grand Prix, put in the Olds V8 and four speed auto (Or even 5 speeds) and possibly AWD. Presto…GTO.
Wouldn’t that be bitchin?

Not a bad idea at all. Just probably wouldn’t go over to well with consumers. Most people don’t need a car that fast and most wouldn’t appreciate it.

true…then again,most people don’t need ferraris and lamborghinis.

Maybe, if you do the same thing for a chevrolet product,
you’ll get a Chevelle SS.

Great idea, but there is a fairly limited marketplace for musclecars these days. Plus, where can you drive one hard and fast enough to enjoy its full potential?