New Ramona illustrator

I was just looking at this the other day on Amazon, and apparently the Ramona series has another illustrator, one by the name of Jacqueline Rogers. I saw what the covers look like (cover images are on that site), but if any of you have seen these editions, what does her illustration work look like inside?

We were reading some Ramona recently with the new art, but I don’t actually recall any of the inside illustrations or if there were any so I think the art is at least unremarkable.

However, the books do not hold up well. Far too many problems that don’t affect today’s youths. So unfortunately, I don’t think Ramona will hold on long. I was actually imagining that Ramona would become the Laura Ingalls of the 1980s Portland, as so much of both their lives is, “woe is me, my older sister is bossy and the indians/Henry’s Grandma is getting all up in my biznis. [interluding educational lesson] Oh, maybe other/old people aren’t so bad.” But unfortunately there isn’t anything interesting about the stories.

And actually, if you click on search inside this book and scroll through some of the pages (left arrow and/or go to the end of the book), the pictures inside seem original.

I think so also, but I’d have to check. Having read all of these books to my kids multiple times, my image of Beezus and Ramona are heavily influenced by the illustrations. The covers are reasonably close, and don’t bug me nearly as much as the TV series or movie.