New Release Movies on the web

I have found a whole bunch of new release movies on the web, including Blair Witch Project, Big Daddy, South Park, and all of the latests films. My question is how the hell do these people get them in the first place. I will admit that I have downloaded and watched several of these movies, but I can’t understand how they got on there in the first place.

My guess is that they are being pirated with the help of a dishosest movie reviewer. Videos are sent to critics by the distributor. You can identify these copies by the “distractors” on them, like several minutes of B&W or occasional lines running down the side. I don’t know why the distributors don’t encode some sort of individual ID for each video they send out, though. That way they could throw Gene Shalit of Roger Ebert or whoever’s ass in jail.

Some of the other ways it may be done is by videotaping the film being projected in a theater (like before or after hours) not the best quality but i’ve seen it done.

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