New Robin Hobb Fitz/Fool trilogy announced

Not many details as yet, but Robin Hobb has just confirmed she’s writing a new trilogy about Fitz and the Fool on her Facebook page

According to her own site, the book will be called The Fool’s Assasin, and is due out October 2014.

I’m ridiculously excited - but also a little worried for poor old Fitz. Hasn’t he suffered enough at her hands? Shouldn’t he be left to enjoy his happily ever after? :wink:

Hobb is a remarkably sadistic author, Nevare from the Soldier’s Son books had it even worse.

I cannot remember how the Tawny Man series ended at all. Need to read back through the Fitz books.

True, thankfully I didn’t care for him as much so I didn’t have to see him suffer again on re-reads :wink:

Seriously, he got his happily ever after. Burrich and Patience found out he was alive, and forgave him. Dutiful (his body’s son, if not his) grew up in to a fine young heir, and was betrothed to the Outer Isles heiress, bringing peace to the land. Dragons were breeding, to return to the world. Molly took Fitz back, and Nettle found out he was her dad and didn’t hate him. Fool kissed him goodbye and headed off into the sunset. And they all lived happily ever after…

It’s not like he even really got a happy ending. I don’t know if I can stomach reading through another three books of torture. I really love Fitz and I think Hobb is an amazing author, truly one in a million, but be still my beating heart!

Maybe him and the Fool will finally get together? :wink:

Bumped to say I didn’t see this when it was first posted, but I was looking at Robin Hobb’s Goodreads page and saw the new book is supposed to come out August 12. I had no idea she was bringing these characters back. She will torture poor Fitz and he won’t end up with the Fool even though he completely should and… I can’t wait.

Curious to see what kind of story Robin will twist this into. I can’t wait. I really loved the other books.

I’m going to resurrect this thread, because since the last post, The Fitz and the Fool trilogy has been completed.

I won’t put any spoilers in this post, but they’re sure to happen if a discussion starts.

Having just read the entire Farseer series straight through for the first time, I think I liked these three books the best. I was a bit concerned, because I thought The Rain Wild Chronicles were the weakest series. Not a problem, as I really think Fool’s Assassin (the first book) was possibly the best in the entire series. I mean, not much exciting happens. It is mostly just a prologue to the next two books, but something about the story and the characters really resonated with me.

My only problem, is that I think Assassin’s Fate (the last book) could have had two or three more chapters after the end. I always think books end too early, though, because the concluding actions have repercussions which I think need to be allowed to play out.

There is room in the Farseer universe for more stories, so I apologize to those of you who have finished The Fitz and the Fool trilogy, and upon seeing this thread pop up, thought maybe it was for a new new Fitz/Fool trilogy.