New "Rock Band" Preview - Amazing game.

There’s a new preview of “Rock Band” at IGN: Rock Band Hands-On

This game sounds incredible. From the makers of Guitar Hero I and II, Rock Band let’s you play with drums, guitar, or vocal. You can form bands over the internet. The drums are basically real digital drums, and the developers say that if you can play the drums on ‘hard’, you can pretty much play the drums. You’re actually learning the instrument. That’s very cool.

Also, I was griping about the song selection in “Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s”. Looks like Harmonix took the musical taste with them when they split from Red Octane, because the first 8 announced songs are fantastic:

Original tracks:
Won’t Get Fooled Again" from The Who
“Suffragette City” from David Bowie
“Don’t Fear the Reaper” from Blue Oyster Cult
“In Bloom” from Nirvana
“Main Offender” from The Hives
“Say it Ain’t So” from Weezer

“Mississippi Queen” from Mountain
“Paranoid” from Black Sabbath.

They also say there will be 100+ downloadable tracks in the first year.

Ah, the console has finally caught up to the wonder that is the linked Bamani suite.

Listening to the classical remix with two guitars, a keyboard, and a drum set was pure heaven in the arcades.