New Season of Penn & Teller’s Fool Us - “3rd Time’s the Charm”

Magicians who have fooled P&T twice before return to try again.

Ah, glad this is back. It is getting harder to find new magicians who are good enough to legitimately(as in…a non-lame way) fool them.

Mostly Fun Episode.

Helen Coghlan underwhelmed me again though. The dancers seemed to be out there for a really long time, giving her plenty of time to do whatever she was doing behind the curtain. As for how she did it, I keep thinking it had something to do with that bottom panel. Did you notice there were a couple of small holes in it? She may have had some sort of hook on her that allowed her to pry the panel upward and escape underneath, making sure to slide it back in place afterward. Again, she had lots of time. Even if I’m wrong, the answer is probably just as mundane.

The other three acts were interesting and entertaining. I didn’t catch any of Shawn Farquhar’s moves, but surely he forced the 8 and 5 at the start, which set up everything that followed. Good stuff.

Ondrej Psenicka fooled me with the Ace of Spades bug force too. No idea. As for the video reveal, I had guessed special effects. Green-screen technology is so sophisticated and readily available these days that the cards could have been believably superimposed on the video. Turns out P&T’s guess of 2,704 different videos (!) was the correct one.

Paul Gertner is just great. I guessed the pen index, and that he forced the pick and the card, but his moves were so smooth that I didn’t see how.

Looking forward to the new season!

This place looks a lot different since the last time I was here.

It was a very entertaining episode and everyone was at the top of their game. I couldn’t work out any of them on my own, but they all seemed like winners to me. The fact that Sp-psenicka made over 2700 unique videos in order for the final reveal makes me wince and groan. I didn’t get Gertner’s method at all, including the pick (rough? smooth?) and card forces. Helen did have Thunder from Down Under for a long time out there, almost long enough to produce a copy of the keys, let herself out and lock it behind her.

It seems to me that Ondrej Psenicka’s fooling bug reveal could have been a much simpler version of his final video reveal. He only needed to have seven different videos prepared in advance and just show the one that matched Allison’s selection.

Also, a math nit: Covering every possible combination of two cards selected would require “only” 2,652 takes (52 x 51), not 2,704.

Ah, of course, because they couldn’t have both chosen the same card.

But the bug reveal was live in person, not a video.

Although, now that I think about it, they should have checked the other cards for gimmicks. They could all have been Aces of Spades, and Ondrej somehow removed the false front from the one Alison chose.

Yes, the “reveal” was live, but the selection of the card was based on a video from a prior performance.
The video wasn’t described and shown until after Allison made her selection. There could have been six other videos, each specifying a different card.

I see what you mean now. Or even six other entirely different ways to “match” whichever card she chose to put the bug in. Good point.

Also, a math nit: Covering every possible combination of two cards selected would require “only” 2,652 takes (52 x 51), not 2,704.

Maybe he messed up a couple times. I imagine it would be confusing to keep track of after a certain point. :exploding_head:

The whole video aspect does make it seem disingenuous since there are so many ways to doctor that. And yeah, my initial thought was that the other cards on stage must have had false fronts.

Paul Gertner had 52 markers(pens) in his jacket? That’s incredible.

On the Ps… guy. Penn made a comment that he got Alison to force a card. Apparently this is when he gave her a deck of cards and she went in the audience and had a random person pick a card. How could he get someone else to force a card?

Was the entire deck 8 of Hearts?

If you want some additional comments, Shawn Farquhar replies to most comments here on his upload of the magic trick to youtube.

Nothing super insightful, but I did learn that he likes Shin Lim and that Shin used to live down the street from him.

Totally agree. Mostly likely the bottom, although the guys checked that and didn’t even make a guess on it. But it doesn’t matter because she had time to disassemble the whole thing and rebuild it behind the curtain. And the problem is not the tricks, it’s definitely her.

I was suprised they didn’t even make a guess about how Coghlan got out of the box. When they investigated the box, it looked like the bottom flipped inward and I thought that would be part of it (though I don’t know exactly how). She did have lots of time to do something.
Does anyone else get the feeling P&T are more willing to just give the Fooler award, with Penn’s faux anger and snit fit, instead of probing for possible ways the trick was done? Maybe they think the audience wants more of that?

Yeah, her showmanship level is practically nil.

While there are surely ways that Helen Coghlan’s escape box could have been “gimmicked,” there is a decidedly low-tech alternative. The openings in the grille on the front of the box look quite large enough for her arm to go through. That would let her use a spare key to open the locks, which she had provided and which are within fairly easy reach…

So what was the deal with the packing peanut guy? I find it surprising that P&T would barely hazard a guess. The “writing” on the peanut itself was so vague it could have easily been replicated. The guy had good showmanship, but all that mess for that little reveal felt like a missed opportunity.

I think the box was rigged with something that funneled that peanut to a secure place he could grab it later. Once again, if you have a trick P&T have never heard of then you have a good chance of fooling them. Seems like they don’t bother to guess any more. As they mentioned, fooling them isn’t the real purpose of the show. In addition, fooling them is not an indication of the best magician or act, just someone doing something the guys don’t already know about.