New Season Of SEX AND THE CITY Starts Sunday

I seem to be the “New Season” guy today…
(See also my thread about MONK starting tonight).

At any rate, just a heads up that the new season of Sex And The City starts on Sunday.

I am looking forward to new episodes (even though I know a lot of people on this board hate the show).

If I read reports correctly, this is the last season, but they are chopping this final season in two. I think it is 10 episodes starting Sunday, and then the remaining, and final, episodes being shown starting January.

Ah! Thanks for the reminder; knowing me, I would have forgotten. Yes, this is the last season – I didn’t know they were splitting it, though. How odd.
Anyone care to speculate who Carrie will end up with?

Guess what, Blonde…it looks like you and I are the only ones who will be watching Sunday night…

As far as your request for speculation…I don’t think they will marry Carrie off…Samantha maybe as a shock, but I think they will want to let viewers remember Carrie as that free spirit, still roaming though the City.

At least that is how I would end it.

(In 20 years, they will be able to revive the series with Carrie as a very middle aged woman still scoring with 20 year old guys…)