New Show Rattled

So I just saw a commercial about couples with new babies, and one dumb bunnie said [about her own baby, I guess she hadn’t delivered yet?] “This baby has to fit into our lifestyle, not the other way around” [more or less paraphrased]

Yo, biyatch - I lived with a guy who’s parents thought like that.When he was born and for 2 years after they lived in a 1 bedroom walk up flat in Brooklyn NY, and did the classic put his cradle in the living room and carry on expecting him to learn to sleep through the noise. You know something, someone had to physically go and shake him awake because setting 3 or 4 alarm clocks didn’t work because he would sleep through the noise as if her were physically deaf.

So good luck with that, pair of asshats. Way to kill his adult life unless he has someone living with him to shake him awake to get him to work on time. Don’t reproduce unless you actually want an infant, and are going to make your life adjust to having someone who is required by mother nature to depend on at least one adult willing to be the support staff and emotional support they are evolved to require. I hope he never sees an episode where he learns that he was less important to you than a new puppy.

This may surprise you, but there are millions of people born and raised in New York City apartments (and Chicago, and Beijing!) that have no trouble waking up to an alarm clock. What a bizarre notion that raising a baby in an apartment would cause a lifelong inability to react to noise.

Well, I don’t buy into the alarm clock immunity theory, but any young couple expecting a new baby to fit right into their comfortably established lifestyle is in for a rude shock, or a visit from Child Protective Services.

What exactly is wrong with that? Lots of kids grow up in environments much worse, and turn out ok.

It is if you wander around making all the noise, having people over for dinner making all the noise as usual … never seen anybody asking people to be quiet because the baby is sleeping? If you learn to sleep in a hubub then noise doesn’t keep you awake or make you wake up. You try taking an infant, bedding them down in a typical cheap 1950s/60s style apartment and throw a party around them and see how fast they get to sleep …

Back away slowly…

Uhhhhhhhhhh. Ok.

I assume the show is about new parents and how their expectations are turned on their head.

It’s almost as if TV is not an accurate representation of reality.