New ta you! Computer parts!

This is what I have laying around that may be better than you have in your computer. All work*, and all are free! Other parts also I just need to go through my boxes of old parts. If you have something that is getting outdated fast and you don’t mind giving to someone go ahead and post. Everything here is free, so if it’s better than you have, please post or PM.
2 sticks of 1 gig RAM one is DDR2 667 and the other is DDR2 533 both Kingston

CD/DVD drive (CD burner DVD reader)

This PC-Chips (p29G)motherboard it’s not a bad board, no OC abilities but accepts up to the Core™2 Duo E6700

A Celeron D 3.2 GHz processor

2 working power supplies both cheap models but they work one with the 6 pin (pci-e) one without. (250 watt/400 watt)

*The reason I will not sell them although I know all the parts work, as soon as you sell something you are agreeing to late night fix-it phone calls. So these are all as is, as is free and they worked when I removed them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a request for the RAM and CPU, but your PM is not enabled. :frowning:

Where are you? (City or region, no need to be specific.)

I think my computer is faster than the parts you describe, or at least has more bits (Core 2 Duo at 2.16 GHz) but I already maxed it out 300 gig HD and 3 gigs of RAM in a laptop.

Used DDR2 667 RAM is going for about $60/gig where I am (Toronto). Maybe you could craigslist it?

I’d rather give it away, the kind folks on here helped my family immensely in our moment of need. And after reading various computer game threads in the Gaming forum I realized what I have in boxes may be better than some people have in the computer they are using.

I have a load more I have some 40GB (2) HD’s I didn’t throw out here yet because I want to verify they work and wipe them clean. I few more cd/dvd drives, random RAM between 256MB and 512MB that I need to make sure work. The stuff I listed I know works because I just took it apart a few weeks ago.

ETA: Sorry missed that part, I’m in Pennsylvania

Almost everything on my original list is gone, I encourage anyone with spare parts that will be obsolete just sitting in a box to post here so other people can claim some goodies. You’d be surprised how far I searched for a old floppy drive so I could update my BIOS, yes people can use anything. :slight_smile:
I still have
CD/DVD drive (CD burner DVD reader)
1 working power supply a cheap model but with pci-e (6pin) support.

And at least one 40GB HD, cleaned and testing functionality tonight (No OS will be on it). I will need to open my box to test the other variations of RAM so I will get to that as soon as I can.

I’ll take the 40 Gig hard drive. :slight_smile:

I have a Zoom serial modem that worked great the last time I used it about a year ago. Specs on request (I’m busy watching the debate!). I used it on a computer whose modem died; I don’t have the computer anymore, so don’t need the modem anymore.

I’ve got a bunch of other hardware someone might be able to use; I just need time to catalog it. Watch this space. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a couple things here that I’m not using. If you’ve got some good use to put them to, you’re welcome to them:

Actiontec EX560LKA external serial 56K modem (there’s a pic of it on Google Images, [the black one on the .mx site], but the link is dead)

Westell VersaLink 327W Wireless/Wired DSL modem/router - has 4 Ethernet ports. This worked with BellSouth, and was an approved (i.e. phone support provided for) BellSouth FastAccess DSL modem as of 2005. No idea about today.

Promise Ultra66 PCI IDE card

And also a D-Link DCM-200 cable modem (USB/Ethernet) without a power supply. It looks pretty ancient for a cable modem. The 56K modem above looks dazzlingly modern in comparison.

If it works you got first dibs on it, running read/write tests on it tonight. Only reason being so anal with that is people entrust them with irreplaceable items and if it has errors I want the new owner to know before I send.

Well, heck, if nobody else wants the CDRW / DVD drive, I’ll certainly volunteer to take it off your hands.

Gah, I’m not the smartest one here, but I may be the most eager! Let me go and enable my PM’s. Are those parts still available, RyJae?

Damn. Nothing better than what I already have in my machine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dreamscanner I have a Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz if that works for you let me know. I also have a Celeron 2.6GHz that I will send if the 2.8 is faulty. After that I will be outta CPU goodies, but not outta RAM goodies and I have 2 decent mobo I just tore into today more details on that later. To the people who requested parts, power supply went today (since it was an emergency and I know how those suck :slight_smile: ), everything else will be sent out tomorrow or Friday.

Thanks RyJae! You rock!:smiley: