New text/phone scam? Text from unknown source with a link to "a receipt for a purchase you've made"

This morning I got a text message on my phone telling me that “my receipt from a recent purchase at Wal-Mart was now available for viewing.” Well, I haven’t been in Wal-Mart for months. Needless to say, I didn’t follow the link (you only do that ONCE :smack: ), and I deleted the message.

I only have one credit card-- a Visa card with Chase Bank-- and I use it for everything. I went online to the account. I recognized all the recent charges, and there were no charges to Wal-Mart. I called the credit card company and they agreed. I asked the CSR if she had heard of this particular phone scam and she had not-- at least not yet.

I have alerts set up on my one Visa account so I get a text FROM CHASE BANK if a charge over $50 is made (even if I do it) and/or if a charge is made and the card is not physically present (even if I do it). (I urge everyone to go to their credit card account online and set up these alerts.) The text message I got was not from Chase Bank; it was from an unfamiliar 5-digit number.

Has anyone else gotten scam texts like this?

The text might have been just some fat-fingered WalMart minion punching in the wrong number, but better safe than sorry.

I’ve gotten vaguely similar texts, but to be honest I haven’t even completed reading them before deletion.

I don’t think it’s a money scam but it could be advertising for something shady thing or another, or a phishing attempt to get you to link to something that will download a phone virus.

Yeah, that’d be my guess. If they sent out that link to a bunch of random people, chances are pretty good that some of them will have made a recent purchase at Walmart.

Personally, I think you put too much effort into it making all those calls. You get a call you don’t recognize, don’t answer. You get a link in an email or text that doesn’t make sense, delete it.
You did that, but there wasn’t much point in continuing beyond that.

FWIW, I get a handful of ‘your invoice is ready to view’ emails, but they’re little more than "OMG, look at these pictures from last night [link].
Just a hacked account sending out links hoping someone will click on it and divulge their credentials.