New therapy for sleep apnea, not a cpap machine. Anyone have experience?

Supposedly this retainer-like mouthpiece can replace a CPAP machine. Anyone have experience with it? Log into Facebook | Facebook

I’ve worn a night appliance for my TMJD that literally does the same thing - brings my lower jaw forward and holds it there while I sleep. I’ve been wearing it for about 15 years now.

Last year I was finally diagnosed with sleep apnea and started using a CPAP. It is doing wonders for me.

So, at least in my case, an appliance like this to hold my jaw forward clearly didn’t do the trick for me. I need that forced air.

There is also a device that does the same thing for your tongue, it pulls your tongue forward to keep your airway open.

No idea how effective it is compared to a CPAP though.

It seems to work for those who breathe through their mouths while they sleep. I sleep with my mouth shut (Nose Breather), so I’m not so sure that the mouth piece would work for me.

I believe the mouth guards help MOSTLY those people who sleep with their mouth closed. When I’m asleep at night, with my mouth closed, the air goes through my nose better when my lower jaw is extended.

Anecdote alert( I have not researched this ):

I was just talking to my dentist about this a few weeks ago. According to him until recently they weren’t allowed to make any claims about its efficacy for sleep apnea because it wasn’t considered proven to be effective. However recent studies have indicated that it can be useful for mild to moderate apnea. However he cautioned that if you have severe sleep apnea( and most folks that resort to CPAP machines do )it is NOT particularly effective.

My understanding is that it is one of those things that can help in certain more minor cases, but not for anything severe.

I just went through the whole process, and got my APAP machine a week ago. I was diagnosed as mild, and was given the choice of getting a mouth guard. My HMO made it clear that I was given this choice only because my case is mild, and moderate or higher apnea automatically warrants an APAP machine.

I tried a self fitting one where you heated up the mouthpiece and molded it to your teeth. Didn’t work. It would not stay seated or I was pulling it out while I slept. Maybe a professionally fitted one would have worked better. Even seated it was marginal at best. I don’t think it worked if you breathed through your mouth.

I have severe sleep apnea. IMO a CPAP machine does the job better and is more adaptable to how you breath. You can get a mask that fits over your nose and mouth or just your nose. You can also get what looks like nose plugs.

If I could use a dental device that worked that well I would certainly prefer that to being connected to a hose at night. If you can afford to experiment that there’s no harm in trying one.

One of the advantages of a CPAP machine is that you can have a partially stuffy nose and the pressure overcomes it. With a mouthpiece that doesn’t work and you end up breathing through your mouth. With your mouth open the mouthpiece is more likely to come loose and fail.

Thanks everyone. So it’s not that simple. As usual :slight_smile:

This is an option that works for some people.

Me too…except they only recommended the CPAP. I’m a 5.5 … what are you?

Been using the CPAP for a couple weeks and while getting used to it has been pretty easy I haven’t noticed any positive effects.

Just stepping in to mention that whether you get an expensive mouthpiece or a cheap one - your dog will think it smells like a chew toy. It needs to go far enough away that it can’t be gotten to.

As I mentioned before I have been wearing a night appliance for about 15 years now. Never had a problem with my previous dog, and didn’t have a problem with my current two dogs for 3 years now. Until this February when Grady finally realized that yes it’s a lovely chew toy.

The price for my prior piece was around $400. This new one is $900. Ugh.

Yes, keep it high and away.

I’m interested, because my APAP machine fills my stomach with air and results in incredibly noisy farts/belches for like 2 hours after I wake up.

Aerophagia. When I got my CPAP, with a pressure of 9, the same thing happened. My doctor switched me to a BiPAP machine and I don’t have that problem anymore. The BiPAP senses when I’m exhaling and lowers the pressure so the air is expelled instead of being forced into my stomach. Then it ramps the pressure back up to open the airway again.

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