New Toyota Japan Ad with Topless Model

Perhaps NSFW:

What was odd was… if it’s a commercial for the japanese market… why not a japanese model?

And… was she just very flat chested… or was that suppose to be a dude who fooled you? Gotta go back and look at the film again…

Pretty sure that chick’s a dude.

Yeah, bulges in all the wrong places.

Why would a japanese market make a non-japanese model surprising? Ever seen an American commercial with a non-American model in it?

Dunno about anyone else, but that ad makes me want to not buy the car. It also gives me a sick feeling in my stomach, although that may be just my hangover.

The campaign tagline, “Turn Your Rear to Common Sense”, isn’t very appealing either.

Ok, there is no breasts and then there is ridiculous. This ad…ridiculous.

Lame. “Look how edgy we are! We sure tricked you! Buy our car!”

Yes, there’ll be the usual ‘but it has people talking about it, so it must work!’- argument, but right here I’m not buying it.

For an actually good and appropriate campaign:


Lordy, that was silly.

It will get people talking, but not about the car. And I am not sure what demo they are targeting.

It loses something in the translation. The car is supposed to be stylish…but not for everyone.

So…is the car available as a Convertible?

Dude sure didn’t look like a lady to me

to be fair - the OP said “topless model” without reference to gender.

Not even from the rear?

He had legs, but didn’t know how to use them.


I noticed the bulge from the rear. But still didn’t make the connection that it was a dude until the end. Just thought she was rather… bulgy down there.

I didn’t notice the bulge, but I did think for a commercial focusing on someone’s ass, that’s not a particularly fine example of one. I wasn’t 100% sure if it was a guy at the end, either. I thought maybe it was one of those waifish models.

Waifs can be men. Well, male, anyway.