New trans-man sex-reassignment procedure makes the surgical part a lot quicker

Sorry, the only link I have available is in Spanish. El País doesn’t always translate all of its articles to English, and some of them may take a few days.

The new procedure goes from three major separate surgeries to one, and from years for the total surgical part of the process to, well, hours. It’s already used in the US but appears to be relatively new. The Spanish public system covers those parts which are not considered “purely aesthetic”; that is, if you want facial-feminization surgery that’s not covered, but breast removal, hysterectomy and penile implantation are covered (same applies for their MtF equivalents, but the article focuses on FtM). In this case since the whole procedure was performed in a private clinic they also performed facial masculinization at the same time (the public system still covers the rest, if the patient does the paperwork).

Since I know we have both transexual Dopers and others that have transexual relatives, I thought it might be of interest.