New twist from Nigeria (or should that be from the USMC?

I like the fact they found nuclear weapons. Because, if you’re trying to fool people by pretending to be a member of the USMC in Iraq, it helps to casually mention that the insurgents have nuclear weapons. Adds that touch of authenticity.

I think this is a trick. I think instead of the boxes of money, he’s going to send you the boxes of nuclear weapons.

Open the box! Take the money!


Or no deal?

Did he also instruct his junior officers to keep quiet about the cocaine and the nuclear weapons?

I love the placement of the “to my amazement” part…

“Let’s see, the Hajis had two live nukes…dum dee dum…a steamer trunk full o’ cocaine, and…whoa, holy shit! Look at all this cash! I mean, the H-Bombs I could understand, but this money, just—my GOD!

Well, that might not be so bad. I mean, nuclear weapons. They’ve gotta be worth a fair bit, eh? Think I should go for it?

Ebay…all the way

How much of a cut do his junior intelligent officers want?

I don’t expect it’s a lot. I hear they’re not too bright.

So there were WMDs… I knew it!! Cheney and the neocons were right all along!!

What, no-one else finds the casual mention of torture noteworthy?

Not anymore…

Obviously bogus.

Now, if it had said “nucular weapons” . . .

You ought to foward that to the government (the white house, the actual Marine Corps, etc.)- they may enjoy.

Since it resulted in the capture of terrorist-held nuclear weapons*, I figure it gets a “pass” this time. :wink:
*Albeit imaginary ones. But since the terrorists were imaginary, too, I guess it all evens out. Hey, I’m torturing an imaginary terrorist right now! And I’m setting fire to his house after locking his cats inside, too!

Demand an even 50/50 split!

I think we should hook him up w/ those Miami “terrorists”, let ‘em sort it out, maybe give the feebees something to do. Then again, maybe sending him Rove’s email addy would be a better idea, he’s always lookin’ for campaign contributions.

Cats? You heartless monster!!! I am sending imaginary cruise missiles to destroy you and all your loved ones even as I type this!

Also, he meant Zarqawi, not Zawahiri. Zawahiri’s still very much alive, more’s the pity, and has never been in Iraq.

Leave the cannolis.