New type of cold?

Has anyone heard of a new type of cold that only lasts three days? Just got it from my grandkids and honestly: I was sneezy the first day, congested, tired and drippy the second day and just slightly coughing the third day. And now I’m fine.

This seems very weird to me.

Sounds like the regular type of cold to me. There is no regimented time for how long an illness lasts. It depends on your health and the strength of whatever you get infected with.
A cold typically lasts for 3 days with me.

Sounds about like a typical cold to me, too. Two to four days for me.

We’ve been noticing it, too. I wonder if it’s allergies, rather than an infection. 'Tis the season and all that.

For me, allergies clear up at various times of day (usually it’s the morning I feel stuffed up and sneezy, and by the afternoon, I’m clear). Colds are continuous and have more symptoms (I often have some sort of body ache associated with a cold.) But everyone’s different. Looking online, it seems that 7-10 days is typical for a cold, but mine rarely last that long. Typical is more like the 2-4 days I reported before.

It’s not allergies, I have them and know the dif. Hubbie has no allergies. No one in our family ever had a 3 day cold before, always 7-10 days. Just weird for us I guess.

This winter and spring I have not gotten sick so far.

This is highly unusual because it has happened only about 5 times in my whole life. Normally every year I get a cold which rapidly develops into a sore throat and then into bronchitis. Because I have asthma on top of that, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.

For a number of years through 2014-15, my colds/bronchitis had been decreasingly severe to the point I was definitely recovering after only 3 days (full recovery took a few days longer).

In 2015-16 my cold/bronchitis was much more severe and my coughing persisted until my doctor changed my antibiotic. I saw my hair stylist soon after I was mostly recovered, but I was still weak and my voice was still hoarse. The first question she asked me at reception was “Have you been hit by the bug that’s going around?” I croaked, “Does my voice answer your question?”

2016-17 was the same, so this season I feel very lucky.