New Urban Legend?

Have any of you gotten this one? I looked up the name of the school on Snopes, but no matches were found. I copied the email message here:
Teachers–this is a great idea. This is a really neat idea!

We are in the third grade at Greenbriar Academy in Durham, North Carolina.
We are located in Durham County, near Raleigh, which is the capital of North
Carolina. Our social studies teacher, Ms. Thompson, is helping us by using
her e-mail address as our e-mail receiver.

We have decided to map an e-mail project. We are curious to see where in the
world (which is our topic of study) our e-mail will
travel via the Internet.

We will be limiting our time to the period of December 1, 2000 to
March 1,2001 (only 3 months).

This is not a pen-pal project, so we will not write you back (unless you
request it).

We would like your help. If you receive this message, we ask that

  1. e-mail back at and tell us your city/
    state/country/ location so we can plot it on our map
  2. send this letter on to everyone you know so that they can send it on to
    everyone they know (and so on) to help us reach even more people.

We do not mind receiving repeats so send it on to everyone. We are
tracking the number of responses we receive by making a graph
using the numbers received by state and country.)

Thank you for any help you can give. Our e-mail address is:

Your friends,
Greenbriar Academy Third Grade Students
> > > > >Ms. Thompson’s Social Studies Class)
> > > > >Durham, North Carolina

So, whaddya all think?

According to it was true, but they aren’t collecting emails any more.


FWIW, there’s a similar one floating around (or at least, it was going around a bit ago) based in Newcastle, Nebraska, I think. Mr. Smith’s 4th grade class, if memory serves. That one started as early as May, if not earlier.

Damn, Odieman beat me to it. (damned beer must slow me down)
you should try going to
for any “new” urban legends, then do a search from there…It’s where I get my daily dose of “you’re-a-dumbass” before hitting the rest of the net.
And, trust me, I need THAT :stuck_out_tongue: