New (used) computer and WOW

My old (windows 95) gave up the ghost a few days ago and I went out and bought a new (to me) compaq.-Dear Og I am behind the times- just sitting here pressing buttons on the keyboard trying to figure out what they do! (Gawd I use to be a wiz at 3.1) :eek:

Hey, I still think 3.1 was the best, er, I mean least worst Win. I hate XP so much, reloaded 98 back, and tweaked it so it works much like 3.1.

Have fun.

Why do you hate XP? I think it’s the most stable MS OS yet. Been using it since it came out and I haven’t seen the blue screen of death yet.

I got a BSOD once, but it was at a video clip site that was poorly designed, otherwise it’s been pretty solid.