New weight loss craze

This weight loss story is pretty inspiring. I think it’s something that all women should seriously consider, even if they are not as large as the woman in this story.

Female dopers, the challenge is upon you. Will you meet it?

Why only for women?

…so THAT’s why my husband keeps pestering me night after night. He wants to lose weight!

Wait a minute. He doesn’t need to lose weight. :dubious:

The only thing worse than that picture is knowing there is a chubby chaser that has to serve as her exercise equipment.

I heard about this woman a few times last week on various radio shows’ “bizarre news” segments. I really hope her 15 minutes are up.

I read this article and thought “This is the worst article I have ever read.”

According to the article, they’re ‘up’ 6-8 times a day.

I’ve already lost 1/2 a pound! I just threw up my lunch!

Is it the exercise, or the fact that she’s (presumably) not eating for several hours of the day?

I doubt there’s much chasing needed.

Your giving that as a set up? Too easy. (And yes that is a set up too.)

That’s exactly where my line of thinking went too.

That should be labeled Not Safe for Eyes.


While I hate to argue with an expert, I think my odds of gaining thirty pounds or so pounds after “enough of it” are greater than losing an equal amount…

I only got as far as the headline before I realized reading further would not be in my best interest.

Maybe the weight loss isn’t fat. She could just be a squirter. Cleanup on isle 69 please.

Annnnnd I just threw up again…

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

I’m pretty sure I’d be dead if I lost 98 lbs. Thanks for the warning Darth Panda! :wink:

Okay-- why hasn’t anyone yet pointed out that this woman is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL NUTBALL??? Ahem. It takes all kinds. :slight_smile: