New wireless mouse conflicts with keyboard

Just got a new Logitech M570 wireless trackball mouse. However, I started noticing the my keyboard was slowing down, and that it was dropping letters as I typed. Right in the middle of this post (!) the keyboard stopped working entirely. I went back to my old mouse, and I’m back in business. Logitech keyboard, Logitech mouse, should be okay, right?

Any ideas where the conflict would be?

ETA: I shopped for the old, wired version of this mouse – they’re asking $200+ for it on Amazon! Huh? Would anyone actually pay that?

Were you trying to use the USB RF receivers in ports next to each other? My first guess would be maybe they interfered with each other. Do you have ports on front and back of your PC? Maybe try separating them. I have wireless Logitech keyboard and the same mouse you do and they’re fine - though it seemed the keyboard instructions made it sound like I could use the same USB receiver for both gadgets, that wasn’t the case. Another thought is whether there’s a chance the keyboard battery is coincidentally low and is somehow competing? Maybe try a fresh battery in there, too?

Interesting thought… My keyboard is still a “wired” version…but it is a USB keyboard, and it was, in fact, in a USB port directly adjacent to the port I was using for the mouse. That shouldn’t matter, but I guess it might! I’ll try separating them and see what happens! Thanks!

IMO wireless mice and keyboards are misconceived and simply of no extra utility to the average computer user. They are heavier and less reliable than the wired versions (as you’ve found), use batteries at a ridiculous pace (unless you remember to turn them off every single time), and don’t actually add any particular convenience to you at all. They *seem *cool but are in fact worse than the older alternative.

I disagree. The Logitech keyboard (two AA’s) and mouse (one AA) I have are both rated to last 18 months on a single battery. I bought them in January of 2011 and have changed the batteries once since then. I’ve never turned the switch to the “off” position on either of them except for the two times I’ve had to restart the mouse, so that’s been turned off for several seconds total since 2011. I wholly expect the current batteries will last until December. (previously had MS wireless set and still don’t remember crazy battery waste)

Sure, for someone who uses their keyboard and mouse mere inches from their monitor/CPU, wireless certainly isn’t necessary. Many people use large/multiple monitors (and so sit further back) or need to physically change positions while using their computers, and being able to sit back and put the keyboard in their lap or something can be very useful. Me, I’m about 6 feet from my monitor/CPU and use the keyboard and mouse from the couch. I would think most people with a PC in their entertainment center would do the same and being wired would be very impractical. It may be a minority, but it’s a large and growing one. Wired keyboard and mouse have been impractical for me for at least four years now.

Askance: I actually agree with you. I didn’t know you had to turn the damn thing off when not using it!

My old version, wired, is starting to go bad. I can still use it, but the buttons aren’t dependable. Logitech doesn’t make the wired version any more (darn them!) I really like the design (a thumb wheel.)

I moved the little receiver dongle to another USB port, and am getting better results. Every so often, the keyboard slows down…but then perks up again. To tell the truth, I think the wireless guy is a loss, and I’ll probably give up on it.

Means having to get another configuration entirely, and learning to get used to it.


Nope; went bad again. Took 'er back to the store for credit. Thanks SeaDragon Tattoo, and thanks Askance.

That’s too bad. What a strange problem. Hope you find something else you like a lot and also works!