New word needed

“To TiVO” has entered the lexicon as a verb, meaning "to set one’s TiVO to seek out and record a given show. If one gets bored with a show, one can simply not watch it – a passive move – but if the show gets sufficiently bad one can specifically remove the show from the list – an active move. Has a word yet arisen for going to the trouble of preventing a show from being recorded in the first place?

To deTiVO?
To TiVOpit?
To TiVOtraSh?

I’d like to cast a vote for “to untivo,” dropping capital letters altogether.

To un-TiVO?

Unfortunately, using TiVO as a verb runs the risk of making “TiVO” lose its protected Trademark status.

1st reaction – do we care? :wink:

2nd reaction – is there really a risk as long as the verb usage is only employed in connection with true Tivo hardware?? (which was the case in the original post.) I think you’re only in danger of losing trademark when some form of the word, (noun, verb, adjective) starts getting used in connection with the competition and imitations. :slight_smile:

Douglas Adams might have called it Tiverton, Tividale or Tivington Knowle.

I, however, hereby coin the word (drum roll please) … tiveto.

(Works up to his best comic book guy voice.)

[CBG]I doubt Douglas Adams would have been so unimaginative!![/CBG]

Seriously though, I doubt he would have used place names that just happened to start with ‘tiv-’ for a verb… he’d probably go with something a little more functionally descriptive. Though kudos on finding so many.

Tiv-veto isn’t too bad.

Why not ViTo? At least in e-mails and print, it has immediate recognition, and takes advantage of the useful pun set up earlier.

Sorry to self-quote, but I had to tack this on…

We’re talking about a man who, in a single scene, coined such memorable words as:


(The memorable swamp chapter of ‘life, the universe and everything.’) At least, I think most of those were original. :wink: