New world ahead. No Fed. No IRS.

I look forward to reading this thread.

I second this obviously correct statement.

This thread shall be quite entertaining.

Also, this dude obviously never heard of Cyrus the Great, who was a Messiah long before that Jesus dude didn’t fulfill the biblical requirements. Also, incase you were wondering – being son of God is nowhere in the list of requirements.

By the way, here’s link to the column (or at least my best guess at it):

And how exactly does this line of argument affect the Fed?

Who’s the “jewish” friend he’s talking about? Does he think Cecil Adams is Jewish?

Quick, somebody tell the courts!

Oh, wait. (Obligatory link to the Tax Protesters FAQ)

Maybe one of you guys has a Jewish mouse in his pocket. Or maybe Fed = money = Jews = Jew suede shoes.

Jew Suede Shoes would make an excellent name for a rock band.

It’s on page 718 of my copy. “Let the wombat win.” Or was that in Star Wars? I always get those mixed up.

I must confess the “remuneration” error gives me pause, going as it does to the entire point of the Amendment. But I dare say the records of the Illinois General Assembly would reveal that the legislators were aware of the issues.

Of course, that very point was not to establish the income tax as such, which was already quite entirely legal. The only change made by the Amendment was to allow the income tax to count interest, dividends, and rents as taxable income. If the original poster’s fantasy world of Evil Jewish Bankers were real, he’d only be helping them.

This is too long to read. Can I get some bullet points?


The OP appears to be a tax protester. That’s really all you need to know.

I’d help you out, but you know that sound you make by flipping your finger up and down over your lips while blubbering? Yeah, I don’t know how to spell that.

Also, the entire OP appears to be plagiarised. Example here:


That link was given in the OP. I also reported it when I posted.

Don’t people who read one thing, believe every word, and then never have to check on any of the information in it live in a wonderful world?

So, what exactly is the OP doing here? I mean, is he just spamming every board he finds, or does he genuinely believe that his behemoth-post is going to persuade this audience?

If it’s the latter - man, I never understand how people can get the culture of this Board so totally, completely wrong.

I suspect that people of that ilk make no attempt to assess the culture of a message board. They’re more like the graffiti vandals that will “tag” any open space when an opportunity presents itself to do so. They generally don’t return and attempt to defend their position–sometimes a few of them will protest the ban hammer–but not many.

Aw damn, this is one of those content spammer guys – he’s all over the internet.

Sorry. I won’t disappear this thread but I should close it. If y’all want to restart this conversation I’ll leave this so you can link to it in a new thread and go forward.