New XL Class for Large Passengers

Samoa Air, the airline that introduced ticket prices based on passengers’ weight, now has an XL class for large flyers. Story here.

The rows are specially designed for travelers weighing in excess of 130 kilograms (286 pounds).

Og I hope so! I don’t fit in those seats due to height/leg length. I would love more leg room even though I don’t need the width.


But the FAA will screw it up here.

Makes sense, based on your username. The big question is whether you’ll love paying for it.

Some airlines (I know for sure about United, but I think there are others) already have extra-leg-room sections in Coach. Costs extra, though, and the price increases the longer the flight lasts (I considered doing it recently on an international flight, but it would have cost an extra $200-$300 each way).

The extra $ I need to pay for being tall will be offset with the credit for being thin, right? This isn’t just another money grab, right? :rolleyes:

Good idea.
I absolutely DREAD being sat beside some enormous person that should have been forced to pay for 2 seats.

Good idea.
I absolutely DREAD being sat next to some skinny person that should have been forced to pay for 1/2 seat.

I hope everyone understands that Samoa Air isn’t the type of “airline” you’re used to. They operate three airplanes. Two of them are Britten-Norman Islanders, each can carry 9 passengers. The third one is a Cessna 172 that carries 3 passengers. So passenger weight is a bigger concern for them than other airlines.

Ahh, you are spoiling the fun… :wink:

That would include most of the population of Samoa over the age of 14, in my experience.

As Jules said: *I wouldn’t go so far as to call the brother fat, I mean he got a weight problem. What’s the nigger gonna do? He’s Samoan. *

Nice to see an airline actually trying to serve its passengers’ needs for once.

Indeed. Although I did actually encounter skinny Samoans while living in Hawaii, most of them were big bruisers.

I remember a family I used to see in church way back when I did such things. Mother, father, son and daughter. They took up half a pew.