New XP Pro install Q.

Here’s the deal. I just installed XP Pro on my homebuilt machine at home. Was running Windows 2K for quite a while before that.

I copied pretty much the entire C Drive to a second HD to recover any files that I might want to hang onto.

When I installed XP I did a full install, not an upgrade, but I didn’t reformat the drive.

Now that I’m up and running there appears to be a bunch of folders that are in blue type. When I look at user profiles it looks like it tried to import those old profiles by default somehow. This is a little annoying since when I recreated my new user IDs their documents and setting folders are duplicated.

Any way to clear this up, and what exactly are these blue folders indicating? Microsoft does weird stuff sometimes, no?

The blue folders are probably compressed folders. Right-click one, choose properties, click Advanced, and see if “compress contents to save disk space” is selected.

I have no idea why those folders are there in the first place, however. Try going to control panel->users & groups, and see if there are excess users. Delete any that look like they don’t belong.

I have some blue folders in C:\Windows with strange names like this: NtUninstallKB893066. These folders are related to security updates downloaded from the Microsoft website.