New Year's Eve 2011

How many years have we done this together?

“Let’s go 'round one more time”?

I’ll be here beginning at 11:45 (ET) that night to help those interested bring in 2012, talk about our hopes for the new year, reminisce about 2011, and just whatever.

Y’all can even be DJ’s that night, with songs that mean something to you!

Or even some “special guests” (if they’re sober! :)), meaning our mods and admins!

We used to do this when I was single, but no way am I going to stop it now. My D will be here as well, since she’s had many lonely years of her own…

One rule, though: No mention of you know what, deal?

See y’all that night (and I’ll even hang around for the left coast!)


A little better version…

Sorry, Harry. Keep the change! :wink:

Your eternal fan,