New Year's Eve parties

This probably has a lot to do with it, if you’re referring to people who use it as yet another excuse to get shitface drunk.

Have I attended a NYE party? Oh, sure. Even when I was younger, they were relatively sedate affairs, and I actually rang in 2000 at a party at my church.

Haven’t been to one in years, but that’s the kind of thing that falls by the wayside as you get older. Nowadays the wife and I uncork the champaign around 11:50, watch the ball drop at midnight, and are in bed by 12:05. Once knew a guy who was a recovering alcoholic of many years duration. He said he never went out on New Year’s Eve. Too many of what he called “amateur drinkers” on the roads.

If you’ve had a drink or six too many, you take a taxi or walk home. I don’t see how that should cut into the festivities. (Pro tip: if walking, watch out for black ice!!)

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My parents went to a party every NYE. It was pro forma in the NJ suburb where we lived in the 60’s. I did in HS and college, but not so much since.

I used to love going to NYE parties, to the point where I’d feel disappointed and left out if I didn’t have any friends in town holding parties. Though this was during my alcohol-soaked young adult years. Whether there was a lot of debauchery there, or it was just me who was getting way too drunk, I don’t know.

I don’t drink anymore. I used to go out to the big outdoor NYE celebrations out by the water, but it can get pretty cold, and also the past few years I seem to have a tradition of getting bronchitis around this time of year.

I would bet most people under the age of 30 go to plenty of New Year’s Eve parties. We are mostly old folks.

My wife is 40 and I’m 49 to give a frame of reference. Most of our friends are straight or gay/lesbian couples in their mid-30’s to 50 age range with a few outliers on each end. My wife and I rotate each year with two other couples in our neighborhood the hosting of a NYE party in our homes. About 4 years ago we agreed to jump into the rotation as the party was falling on our two sets of friends every other year. This year it is our turn to host again. We’ve invited 200+ and have roughly 80 confirmed as attending with 20 maybes. The majority of the attendees will be friends from the neighborhood and a minority will be friends who live out in the suburbs. We will provide a full bar, hot/cold appetizers, and snacks like bowls of nuts, trays of cookies, and chips. Of course a champagne toast at midnight. All total it’ll cost us about $1K to throw the party and over the next few days a whole lot of time getting ready for the party (i.e. cleaning, shopping, setting up, etc.).

So yes, at least in our experience, the NYE party at a home is a pretty big deal.

My wife and I are in our 40s. I generally have always liked to do SOMETHING for NYE. Especially living in and around NYC. My wife’s a bit more ambivalent. Since we have 2 small kids now, it’s a lot harder. The last NYE party we did was 2 years ago. One of my college friends had a small get together at his house in Greenwich, CT. It was a close group of about half a dozen of us who either went to college together and/or palled around NYC in our 20s along with our wives and small kids.

Previous years we have done stuff like:
Similar small private get togethers at someone’s house or apartment
Larger get togethers at someone’s house or apartment
Restaurant with friends
Restaurant date (just wife and I)
Booze cruise around Manhattan
Bar or nightclub with friends

There was one thing I could have done but never took advantage of. For years, I worked at 3 Times Square, basically overlooking where the ball drops. Our company allowed us to access the office and party there on NYE if we wanted. The only downside was you had to show up hours early before they close off Times Square and you generally had to wait a long time after the ball dropped to get home. Also…you’re partying in the same office you spend most of your time at with the same people you see every day.

Back in the 1990s, when my family lived in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and we knew a few other young families in town, we’d go to quiet little house parties for New Year’s Eve, just a few families jammed into one house. I particularly recall my mom making little cocktail weiners wrapped in bacon, run through with toothpicks, and covered in a brown sugar glaze.

We moved from there in 1998 and we never again had quite as large of a social circle. I wonder what happened to some of those people.

"Lest auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind… "

Ahh, memory lane. The last NYE party that I attended was 1999/2000. A buddy and I, who have been friends since college in the 70s, were both single and not dating anyone. We spent the night at his place, guzzling Dom Perignon, and watching a Marks Brothers marathon on WGN. Those were the days, my friends!

I was actually conceived at New Year’s… probably not at a party though. My parents never went to THAT kind of party.

You’re not alone; New Year’s Eve is the most expensive night for hotel rooms in Las Vegas, although the first night of the Computer Electronics Show is giving it a run for its money.

As for me, my policy is, the only place I would want to be other than in my house is on Times Square, and since (a) I live out west, (b) you have to get there God’s own number of hours in advance to be anywhere near the ball - otherwise, why bother?, and © those hours you spend waiting tend to be quite cold, that’s not about to happen. At least somebody shows the Times Square ball drop live (things like New Year’s Rockin’ Eve are delayed three hours so midnight happens at, er, midnight); before 2000, it was about a 50/50 chance that CNN would do it, and even when it did, it was only the last 10 seconds or so.

I’m curious how much of it is the entire practice decreasing, and how much of it might be an age thing. The types of parties I associate most with NYE are the type you tend to not do past your 30s or so.

That said, I never really attended any NYE parties except church sleepovers when I was a kid. I’ve never been a fan of drinking, and I was never comfortable being the teetotaler at a drinking party. I mostly just stayed up with family watching celebrations on TV. Maybe my uncle and cousins might come over.

So all I can say about the OP is that this is the first I’ve heard of NYE parties dying out. And that I’ve read that the long wait to actually be anywhere decent on Times Square–without any available restrooms–makes it entirely not worth it.

Can’t remember the last time I was awake for it. So it means little.

My parents were already 32 when I was born, so they were way over 30 during those years. And they always went to parties at people’s homes. Strangely, I don’t remember them going out much the rest of the year.

It’s been decades since I’ve been to a New Year’s Eve party. But I’m old, and care for a very very old parent, so that’s to be expected. I associate NYE parties with people in their 20’s and 30’s, mostly, though my parents were still attending modest parties when they were in their 70’s. I generally watch movies drink some bubbly and set intentions for the new year.

But I think that young people still get together, and there’s still lots of people at Times Square. So I don’t think that the parties have entirely died out.

Maybe this is semantic quibbling, but to me there’s a difference between a party and a public event like stuff on Times Square. For example, this New year’s Eve I’m going to be at a String Cheese Incident show. It’s a very high-energy festive event, but I would never call it a party. Most New Year’s Eves I’m at a concert, but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been at a private New Year’s Eve party.

I think its gotten way less formal than it used to be I remember when it was more of a "dress up and go out to a club/bar " time of the year

now its just show up somewhere with a meat or cheese platter chips and beer

even the bars and clubs are that way to a point …. they used ot have a anywhere from 50-100 and up (price depending on the type of place) all you can drink and eat from 8-2 am reservation deal and after the second year they flopped hard

the place I used to frequent hired a party planner to decorate and plan games ect live band even had a catered buffet dinner by a known chef I mean it was done up great ….80 bucks a couple …. and only had 12 people the entire night
Next year they just had a special menu of mex and American finger food and a carne asada plate and about half a dozen drink specials with a dj handing out cheesy prizes from local places while he played requests dl’ed off of kazaa and napster and the place was packed ……