New Years in NYC

this new year’s will be the first one i’ll be able to spend in times square. and i figure it’ll be the best way to welcome in the 3rd mil…well, let’s not bring that up… but is there a cover charge, or anything like that?

i would hope that an event like that would be free and open to the public, but i’ve been wrong in situations like that before.

They can’t charge admission to the city streets. You will have to pay if you want to eat or party inside, of course.

My dad went for New Years 2000. Due to the way they had it set up, there was plenty to drink and nowhere to piss. He said it was fun and an overall good experience but also that its just kind of a novelty memory, i dont think he will ever go back. Oh, and to answer your question, no, theres no cover charge heh.

well, the might not be able to in NYC, but they do in Rock Island, IL almost every other month for special events.

I was in Times Square last year but at Madison Square Garden for the Billy Joel concert. The streets start getting packed before 9pm and it is free. Many of the stores close down but some resturants stay open. Hope that helps