New York City Volunteers

Can anyone recommend a New York City organization that is looking for volunteers? I’d prefer working w/the elderly or infirm but I’m open to just about anything.


City Harvest is pretty great – they feed homeless and poor people.

kk, i notice that you’re in the art development game. (What the hell does that mean? No matter.) It sounds like you might like to volunteer for my favorite NYC “charitable” organization: Materials for the Arts.

MFA is a city agency that accepts cast-off and surplus items – paint, office furniture, computers, fabric, lumber, and so on – from businesses and individuals that can be used by artists, schools, theater groups, non-profits, etc. They store the goods in a giant LIC warehouse. A few days a week recipients can “go shopping” at the warehouse; they take away anything they want absolutely free. What a great arrangement! No crap in landfills, tax break for the donors, free stuff for the recipients.

I’m not certain, but I assume they would welcome volunteers. Why not give 'em a hand?